Final Exam: Building Mobile Apps with Flutter

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Final Exam: Building Mobile Apps with Flutter will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Building Mobile Apps with Flutter track.


  • Introduce input widgets in flutter
    implement handlers in text fields
    use handlers in text fields
    create and use dropdown widgets
    create and use a switch widget for binary input
    validate form inputs
    enable autovalidate mode on form fields
    use a custom form field
    recognize how flutter gestures work
    track user gestures in flutter
    handle drag gestures
    use nested gesture detectors
    use sibling gesture detectors
    disambiguate gestures using custom gesture recognizers
    recognize how to use flutter animations
    create and use implicit animations
    build an animatedcontainer and animate multiple properties
    use various animation curves
    perform and handle multiple animations
    use the animated opacity and cross-fade widgets
    use animation controllers
    create animations using builders
    use staggered animations
    create and use spring simulations for draggable cards
    use hero animations for smooth transitions
    recognize local and remote data persistence in flutter
    create an app to place http requests
    use custom fonts and a custom ratings bar
    decode json strings into objects
    parse json data on separate threads using isolates
    create a dart http server
  • use put requests in a flutter app
    work with types of locally persisted data
    read text data from files
    display csv files in flutter
    read and write files in the application documents directory
    set up the sharedpreferences plugin
    create and edit local files
    use sharedpreferences for autocomplete
    set up a helper to connect to sqlite
    retrieve data from the sqlite database
    delete and update data in the sqlite database
    work with the ephemeral and application states in flutter
    use a provider for storing the app state
    implement a streambuilder widget for real-time updates
    use a streambuilder widget for real-time updates
    set up an app drawer
    create a bottom navigation bar
    create a splash screen for an app
    add a splash screen to an app
    create a cart and orders page
    perform authentication using firebase
    generate mock objects using mockito
    use mockito to create mock objects
    test an infinitely-scrolling container
    set up unit tests for single widgets
    set up interactive unit tests for stateful widgets
    test a widget animation
    test a dismissible widget
    create mock objects using mockito
    set up a complex unit test using mocks


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