Final Exam: Introduction to Math

Math    |    Beginner
  • 1 video | 32s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
Final Exam: Introduction to Math will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Introduction to Math track of the Skillsoft Aspire Essential Math for Data Science Journey.


  • Perform union and intersection operations on sets
    recognize the differences between discrete and continuous data and outline topics in discrete mathematics
    create and work with sets in python, perform checks for subsets and supersets
    create and work with sets in python
    model entities and relationships in the real-world using graphs
    recognize the different types of graphs, their characteristics, and use cases
    associate attributes with the graph, individual nodes, and individual edges
    compute the shortest path and a minimum spanning tree for a graph
    compute the minimum spanning tree and the shortest path for a graph
    perform topological sorting in a directed acyclic graph
    create directed graphs using networkx
    recall the assumptions and benefits of integer optimization models
    model problems using objectives, decision variables, and constraints
    solve the linear programming problem graphically
    determine the optimal solution from feasible solutions
    list the steps in the simplex method to solve linear programming problems
    solve minimization problems using the scipy library
    solve linear programming problems using the pulp library
    recognize the assumptions and benefits of integer optimization models
    use lp relaxation to find a starting point for the integer programming solution
    formulate the integer programming model for becca luxury goods
    solve the manufacturing and distribution problem using pulp
    formulate the integer programming model for a capital budgeting problem
    gain a basic understanding of calculus and describe differentiation and derivatives
    describe differentiation and derivatives
    use built-in functions to compute derivatives
    outline how to compute the slope at a point by exploring the geometric definition of derivatives
    use derivatives in real-world scenarios
    outline how partial derivatives work
    compute derivatives of linearly changing functions using built-in functions
  • outline derivatives and slope
    create partial derivatives with multiple independent variables
    compute the velocity of a moving particle
    define the integral as the limit of a sum and as the area under a curve
    differentiate between definite and indefinite integrals
    compute integrals of quadratic and polynomial functions
    compute integrals from first principles
    frame integration as inverse operations
    create a matrix and perform matrix operations
    compute determinants and transpose matrices
    perform matrix addition
    perform matrix multiplication
    recognize properties of matrices
    identify and work with diagonal and zero matrices
    compute the inverse of an invertible matrix
    create matrices using scipy
    mathematically define matrix decomposition
    recognize several types of matrix operations
    perform lu decomposition
    mathematically define qr and cholesky decomposition
    perform qr decomposition
    install libraries in python
    mathematically define eigenvectors and eigen values
    explore properties of eigenvalues and eigenvectors
    compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix
    derive the characteristic equation
    differentiate between eigen decomposition and singular value decomposition (svd)
    import an image to perform svd
    perform singular value decomposition (svd) on a matrix
    simplify an image with svd


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