Final Exam: Network Admin

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Final Exam: Network Admin will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Network Admin track of the Skillsoft Aspire Network Admin to Site Reliability Engineer Journey.


  • create a System Image Backup in Windows 10
    create a system restore point in Windows 10
    define appropriate service levels
    define scenario planning and identify why it should be part of your strategic plan
    describe and use the OneDrive solution in Windows 10
    describe an example backup strategy such as 3-2-1
    describe appropriate service levels
    describe common tools used for packaging and releasing services and releases
    describe considerations when backing up BYOD devices
    describe how to deploy Windows 10 updates using Windows Server Update Services
    describe how to monitor Windows Updates with Update Compliance
    describe how to rectify untrained responses
    describe how to use scenario planning and how to create scenarios
    describe system resilience and fault tolerance
    describe the importance of focusing on the 'errors' metric and how it applies to the four golden signals
    describe traditional deployment options such as bare metal, refresh, and replace
    differentiate between different tools used to automate functions
    differentiate between events, alerts, and incidents
    differentiate between on-premise and cloud deployments
    differentiate between onsite and offsite backup solutions and describe the benefits of each
    differentiate between SRE and DevOps
    differentiate between symptoms and causes
    differentiate between the two methods of peer-to-peer content distribution in Windows 10 - Delivery Optimization and BranchCache
    differentiate between tools used for creation such as GitHub and Subversion
    differentiate between whitebox and BlackBox monitoring
    enable and configure the File History backup feature in Windows 10
    explain system resilience and fault tolerance
    list the core tenets of SRE
    list what to test when designing tests for DiRT
    list Windows 10 upgrade and migration considerations
  • provide an overview of data classifications such as Top Secret, Secret, Confidential, and Unclassified
    provide an overview of disaster recovery testing events and how they can help identify vulnerabilities in critical systems
    provide an overview of Express Update Delivery in Windows 10
    provide an overview of hybrid cloud
    provide an overview of monitoring dashboards including what they are, why we use them, and common elements of a dashboard
    provide an overview of nodes and machines
    provide an overview of planning tools such as JIRA and Pivotal Tracker
    provide an overview of public clouds
    provide an overview of Service Level Agreements
    provide an overview of Site Reliability Engineering
    provide an overview of the different types of backups
    provide an overview of the four basic architecture models - client/server, three-tier, n-tier, and peer-to-peer
    provide an overview of the 'four golden signals' of monitoring
    provide an overview of the IaaS service model
    provide an overview of the PaaS service model
    provide an overview of the root cause
    provide an overview of tools used to monitor applications and infrastructure
    provide an overview of unmanaged responses
    provide an overview of Windows 10 edition upgrade
    provide an overview of Windows 10 upgrade paths
    provide an overview of Windows Group Policy
    recognize best practices when it comes to general system monitoring
    recognize considerations when scenario planning for a disaster
    recognize hands-on activities used to train response teams
    recognize how to minimize the potential damage of disruptive DiRT tests
    recognize how Windows Update works
    recognize the importance of upgrading and patching systems
    recognize the nine principles of Site Reliability Engineering
    recognize what data to include in a backup, such as full operating system, personal files, and company data
    use the Backup and Restore feature and describe how it differs from the File History feature


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    Network Admin


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