Final Exam: QA Specialist

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Final Exam: QA Specialist will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the QA Specialist track of the Skillsoft Aspire Software Tester to DevOps Automated Tester Journey.


  • List the prominent aws development and testing tools
    recall the key components of unit testing
    write unit test cases using qunit and use assertions and callbacks in qunit
    describe containerized testing and the benefits of using docker for testing
    recall patterns used for running tests inside docker containers
    describe the different types of apis and how they are managed
    describe agile testing and testing strategies that can be adopted in the agile software development process, with a focus on agile testing quadrants
    provision and maximize api security
    list prominent unit testing patterns and scenarios where the patterns are applicable
    configure continuous integration testing environments with docker and docker compose
    recognize error handling styles that should be adopted for writing clean code
    package web applications in docker container images
    create single-zone clusters with the default features enabled in google kubernetes engine and create volume resources in the clusters
    recognize guidelines and techniques that can help with writing trustworthy tests and approaches of managing bugs in tests
    write applications that apply clean coding to artefacts like classes, interfaces, methods, and variable declarations
    dockerize tests and test environments and integrate them with test reporting tools
    recognize the fundamental principles of writing clean code, with focus on dry, solid, and law of demeter
    describe api and its typical lifecycle
    compare prominent code-driven unit testing
    run applications by creating kubernetes deployment objects and scale the applications by increasing the replica count
    test server-side javascript using mocha and chai
    list the essential objects and controllers that we can use to setup kubernetes clusters
    write and run unit tests using jsunit and illustrate
    recognize when to use and when not to use kubernetes for automation testing
    implement api management with azure api
    recall the significance of the unit testing f.i.r.s.t principle in writing clean tests
    work with aws codedeploy to validate and debug
    design applications with clean code
    recognize the role api management plays in the successful implementation of devops practices
    write clean code in javascript
  • deploy three-tier web applications using kubernetes and configure kubernetes to ensure the front-end instances communicate with the back-end instances and the back-end instances communicate with the databases
    use aws device farm for automated testing of web applications
    list coding artifacts and describe best practices that should be adopted to create artefacts with clean code
    implement ci/cd pipelines for api management
    implement the aaa unit testing pattern using junit and testng
    work with aws codepipeline to automate the build and test phases of continuous delivery processes
    list unit testing tools that can be used to test java and javascript programs, along with associated use case scenarios
    configure and integrate github repositories with docker to enable automated build systems and continuous integration
    recall the various types of testing that can be automated with kubernetes and the advantages of deploying test containers in kubernetes
    recall best practices for using aws to set up environments for automated testing
    set up an aws environment for automated testing
    recognize the advantages and disadvantages of using docker to set up architectures for automated testing
    describe api management and why it's required in software development
    manage code errors by adopting clean coding principles
    recognize the design principles and architecture behind kubernetes and the essential components of kubernetes master and kubernetes worker
    compare good and bad tests and specify the goals and approaches of writing good unit tests
    describe api management best practices
    recognize the different ways that kubernetes helps with software testing, with a focus on end-to-end testing
    describe the benefits of proper api management implementation
    test automated builds on docker hub by executing tests when code is pushed or committed to github
    use aws device farm for automated testing of ios and android applications
    describe best practices for writing productive test cases and anti-patterns that should be avoided
    recognize common traits and approaches of identifying code that needs to be cleaned
    describe unit testing, list the key properties of good unit testing programs, and differentiate between unit testing and integration testing
    describe core testing and refactoring techniques that can help develop testable and maintainable code
    recognize the features of test containers and list the prerequisites for setting up test containers
    configure and write junit tests to test restful apis with mocha and chai
    apply best practices to the configuration and use of the mockito api for implementing unit tests with mock objects
    recognize the need for test double and describe how dummy object, fake object, stub class, and mock object are used to facilitate test replacements
    describe how aws-based environments are used for automated testing and the associated advantages and disadvantages


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