Final Exam: Scrum Master

Scrum    |    Intermediate
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Final Exam: Scrum Master will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Scrum Master track of the Skillsoft Aspire Scrum Team Member to Scaled Agile Leader Journey.


  • Recognize key traits of effective scrum masters
    recognize the key responsibilities of the scrum product owner role
    describe the key roles and responsibilities of the scrum master
    identify the key tasks of scrum masters
    distinguish between the three elements of empirical process control
    recognize the characteristics of definition of done
    distinguish between sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, and sprint retrospectives
    recognize best practices for effective sprint planning meetings
    identify best practices for effective daily scrums
    identify effective sprint retrospective techniques
    recognize effective facilitation techniques for scrum masters
    distinguish between divergent and convergent thinking
    describe instances when scrum masters should not facilitate
    identify flow elements for facilitating effective meetings
    distinguish between coaching, facilitating, teaching, and mentoring
    identify techniques for removing impediments as a scrum master
    recognize best practices for coaching as a scrum master
    distinguish between common coaching models for scrum masters
    recognize common anti-patterns that scrum masters need to consider during scrum events
    identify common violations scrum masters may make
    identify key attributes of effective scrum teams
    list the five stages of team formation
    identify common causes of technical debt
    identify key challenges of self-organized scrum teams
    recognize best practices for effective self-organized scrum teams
  • identify key ways scrum masters support the product owner
    describe how a product goal may be refined and the scrum master's role in doing so
    recognize metrics for measuring scrum deliverables, effectiveness, and the team
    distinguish between team velocity and capacity
    identify the approaches that can be used for scaling scrum in an organization
    recognize the key elements of behavior change
    list the six stages of behavioral change
    recognize best practices for adopting a coaching mindset
    recognize best practices for facilitating collaborative virtual meetings as a scrum master
    identify ways to help ensure diversity and inclusion in product development
    recognize considerations to make when forming a new scrum team
    distinguish between the tuckman and drexler/sibbet team development models
    recognize how the five stages of the tuckman development model apply to scrum values, events, and artifacts
    recognize best practices for addressing skills gaps in scrum teams
    recognize techniques for moving from product vision to product backlog
    identify strategies for structuring a complex product backlog
    recognize approaches for scaling the product owner role
    distinguish between common scaling frameworks
    identify considerations when planning to launch multiple scrum teams
    recognize techniques for overcoming challenges to organizational scrum adoption
    identify the five key elements of cultural change in an organization
    recognize the two pillars of lean
    identify the five key principles of lean
    identify types of product development waste
    identify common pitfalls to consider when applying lean to product development


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