Final Exam: Scrum Product Owner

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Final Exam: Scrum Product Owner will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Scrum Product Owner track of the Skillsoft Aspire Scrum Team Member to Scaled Agile Leader Journey.


  • Identify key responsibilities of the product owner
    recognize essential product owner stances
    recall how the product owner defines value for the scrum process and in their interactions with team members
    distinguish between scrum feature and component team structures
    identify essential skills for becoming an effective product owner
    recognize best practices for collaborating with the scrum master and team
    recognize key stakeholders that product owners work with
    identify customer segmentation approaches for product owners
    recognize best practices to ensure you don't act as stakeholder by proxy as a product owner
    identify techniques for effective facilitative listening as a product owner
    recognize techniques for prioritizing conflicting customer needs as a product owner
    describe how to interact with customers through the use of open-ended questions
    distinguish between techniques for product discovery
    describe the product owner's role throughout the scrum development process
    list the stages of design thinking for product owners
    identify techniques for creating user stories
    recognize the characteristics of effective user stories
    identify key benefits of continuous improvement in scrum
    recognize best practices for communicating the product strategy
    identify types of product assumptions
  • identify common tools and techniques for validating product assumptions
    recognize common cognitive biases to avoid
    list the steps to develop a product hypothesis
    list the key benefits of a product plan
    identify the key elements of an effective product plan
    recognize the key benefits of incremental delivery
    identify the types of product incremental delivery
    list the phases of the incremental delivery model
    distinguish between product outcome and product output
    list characteristics of an effective product backlog
    list the techniques you can use to model product value
    recognize the product levels in kotler's model
    list the key elements of an effective product value proposition
    describe the relationship between the product backlog and the product goal
    describe the role of product backlog items
    identify key factors in backlog ordering
    recognize common techniques for product backlog ordering
    identify definition of ready criteria for product backlog items
    list the key elements of effective user stories
    recognize best practices for refining the product backlog


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