Finding Pins & Boards in Pinterest 2017

Pinterest 2017    |    Beginner
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Pinterest is a web-based media platform for managing images and other media content. Explore Pinterest, and discover how to create and manage your account, and find pins, boards, and friends on the platform.


  • log in to Pinterest
    get to know Pinterest
    discover and complete your Pinterest profile page
    explore trends on Pinterest
    perform a search on Pinterest
    find similar search results on Pinterest
    save and discover pins on Pinterest
  • find and follow boards and topics on Pinterest
    find and follow people on Pinterest
    interact with pins on Pinterest
    choose which pins appear in your home feed on Pinterest
    manage your Pinterest account information
    manage Pinterest notifications
    manage your Pinterest account privacy and security


  • 2m 45s
    Once you have created a Pinterest account you can log in and out from any web browser. You can also use a Facebook or Google account to log in if you prefer. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 24s
    When using Pinterest, it's important to get familiar with the layout to find your way around the site. You can use the various function buttons to browse through the different pins and pages and get back to your homepage in just one click. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Discovering & completing your profile page in Pinterest 2017
    3m 56s
    On Pinterest, you can add information to your profile such as name, photo, website and more. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Exploring trends on Pinterest 2017
    2m 32s
    There are over 70 billion ideas on Pinterest and it would be impossible for anyone to see them all. However, thanks to the Explore tab you can see what ideas are trending at any given moment and discover the best ideas in the topics you're most interested in on Pinterest. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Performing a search in Pinterest 2017
    4m 26s
    On Pinterest, many elements are published daily. To help you find what you are looking for, you can use the search tool and search guides. You also have the possibility to clear your recent search history and start afresh. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Finding similar search results in Pinterest 2017
    3m 9s
    Pinterest allows you to find search results that are similar to the one that interests you by using the circles button found on each pin in your home feed. You can also find pins that are visually similar by using the visual search tool. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Saving & discovering pins in Pinterest 2017
    5m 18s
    Your Pinterest home feed consists of thousands of different pins. Each pin is an idea that someone has saved to Pinterest and includes the link to the site it came from. When you really like a pin, you can save it to a board that you created for the ideas you want to keep. Then you can move, delete and copy your saved pins from your profile page. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Finding & following boards & topics in Pinterest 2017
    5m 42s
    On Pinterest, you can follow as many boards and topics as you want, to be able to see a wider variety of pins in your home feed. When you find ones that you like you can follow them to access the different pins they include. You can also unfollow boards or topics at any time if they're no longer of interest to you. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Finding & following people in Pinterest 2017
    4m 27s
    Finding people on Pinterest is easily done by either using the search tool or simply clicking on a pin. When a person's profile really interests you, you can follow that person to have access to all their public boards and pins. If you no longer want to follow someone you can manage who you follow from your profile page. Pinterest also allows to block and unblock people if you feel it's appropriate. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Interacting with pins in Pinterest 2017
    5m 20s
    When you click on a pin that you especially like you can leave your thoughts about it as a comment that everyone else can see. You can also say that you have tried what the pin is about, a recipe for example. Pinterest also allows you to report pins for a variety of reasons. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Choosing which pins appear in your home feed in Pinterest 2017
    4m 20s
    The pins that you see in your home feed can be filtered by you by unfollowing the board or topic they're included in. You can also filter your "picked for you" pins and remove them from your home feed completely if you prefer. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Managing your account information in Pinterest 2017
    5m 39s
    The information regarding your email, password, and language can be modified in your account settings. You can also choose which social media applications you are connected to and even deactivate your account if you want to. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Managing notifications in Pinterest 2017
    4m 1s
    Do you receive too many notifications from Pinterest? Or are you not getting the information you want? You can access the notification settings from your settings menu and set the notifications to meet your needs. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Managing your account privacy & security in Pinterest 2017
    3m 20s
    Your account privacy settings allow you to increase your search privacy and block cookies used to enhance search results. Pinterest also gives you the possibility to improve the security of your account by adding an additional password and checking which devices have logged into your account. FREE ACCESS


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