Forecasting & Solving Problems in Excel 2019 for Windows

Excel 2019 (Windows)    |    Intermediate
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Discover how to go further with your Excel document through understanding potential formula errors, use intelligent data types, and set goals to reach targets as well as problem-solve with the Solver and Forecast tools offered by Excel 2019. Key concepts in this 7-video course include how to identify formula errors and to understand the wide range of formula error messages; how to check for and evaluate formulas in a workbook; and how to use formulas to estimate loan-related costs and help you estimate and managed repayments. Continue by learning how to use the Goal Seek tool to modify a data variable and reach a target value; how to use the Solver add-in to analyze constraints and variables and optimize data values; and how to insert a Forecast worksheet to display trends and predictions based on available historic data. Finally, observe how to use Data Tables to create what if, variable-based scenarios, and once created, learn to adjust the values and change the calculation options. In order to practice what you have learned, you will find the Word document named Excel 2019 for Windows: Forecasting & Solving Problems Exercise as well as the associated materials in the Resources section.


  • identify formula errors
    review and debug formula errors
    calculate the interest on a loan
    reach a target value
  • solve a problem in a table
    use forecast tools
    use data tables


  • 5m 43s
    Excel features a wide range of formula error messages. If you want to fix these problems, you are going to need to know how to identify what each message represents and how the error was produced. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 3s
    You can use the error tools in Excel to check, evaluate and debug formulas. See how to check for errors in your worksheet, use the formula auditing tools to evaluate and resolve nested formulas, and trace errors to their source. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Calculating the interest on a loan in Excel 2019 for Windows
    5m 32s
    If you have taken out a loan, Excel can help you to estimate and manage your repayments. You can break the payments down into your interest repayments, your loan repayments, and your total repayments per period. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Reaching a target value in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 12s
    If you use formulas to obtain certain results in your table, you can use the Goal Seek tool to reach a target value. This means that rather than adjusting the values and performing the calculations yourself, Excel can automatically obtain the value that you are looking for by modifying the necessary variable in your table. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Solving a problem in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 55s
    If you have a mathematical problem in your table which is governed by various different constraints, you can attempt to solve it automatically using Excel's Solver tool. You simply need to select the value that you wish to optimize, minimize or otherwise adjust, and input the various constraints that will have an impact on your result. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Using the forecast tool in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 5s
    In Excel, you can use one-click forecasting to make predictions based on historical data. You can also adjust the timeline and seasonality settings, and make changes to the forecast data once the sheet has been inserted. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Using data tables in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 30s
    Data tables are a great way of testing different what-if scenarios when working on data. You can use data tables to create calculations using one or two variables: once the data table has been created, you can adjust the values and change the calculation options. FREE ACCESS


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