Formatting Emails in Gmail Web (2017)

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Discover the many ways to personalize your emails in Gmail with emojies, signatures, images and videos, and various formatting techniques.


  • format emails with your Gmail account
    insert emojis into your emails
    create bulleted and numbered lists for your emails
    insert hyperlinks into your emails
    insert images into your emails
  • email video links and attachments with Gmail
    copy and paste tables and charts into your emails
    spell check your emails with your Gmail account
    create a standard signature statement to append emails


  • 4m 59s
    Gmail allows you to format your emails. That means you can change the font or color. You can even boldface or underline text. See how to showcase those parts of your email that need to be put into the forefront. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 18s
    In order to illustrate an emotion in you email, you can insert an emoji. Discover the emoji library and see how to insert and search for the right emoji to animate your conversation in Gmail. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating a bulleted list
    3m 17s
    Bullet points are a great way to format a list in Gmail. See how to use bullet points, as well as how to mix a numbered list and a bullet list. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Inserting a link
    4m 36s
    Hyperlinks allow you to access a website or start a new email document with just one click of the mouse. This tutorial will explain how to insert hyperlinks while using Gmail. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Inserting an image
    If you want to share image files in you email, you have a few options. Gmail enables you to easily drag and drop photos as well as instantly upload photos from Google Drive or another online source. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Inserting a video
    4m 29s
    If you would like to share a video via email, you have a few options. See how to insert video links as well as send an email with a video attachment in Gmail. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Inserting a table & chart
    4m 5s
    You can use a table or graph to visualize your data. Although you can't create tables directly in Gmail, you can copy and paste your elements into you emails to share with others. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Spell checking your email
    3m 3s
    Before sending your email, it is important to check it for any spelling mistakes. Gmail comes complete with a tool that automatically highlights potential spelling mistakes, as well as a standard spell checker. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Using signatures
    5m 42s
    If you like to finish an email in exactly the same way each time, or if you like to attach your contact details to every message you send, Gmail's signature function is exactly what you need. This tutorial shows you how to create a signature that can be appended to any email that you create. FREE ACCESS


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