Google Associate Cloud Engineer: Configuring Google Cloud

Google Cloud    |    Intermediate
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Google Cloud Platform reduces costs while increasing agility and capturing new opportunities. In this course, you'll begin by learning how to use using Google Cloud Shell. You'll explore how to install and use Cloud tools, the gcloud CLI, Google Cloud SDK, and other utilities that come pre-installed. Next, you'll learn about various Google Cloud database services such as Cloud SQL, which provides a cloud-based alternative to local MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases. You'll examine Cloud Spanner, a fully managed relational database with unlimited scale. You'll move on to learn about Cloud Bigtable, a NoSQL wide-column store for large scale, low latency workloads. Finally, you'll learn about BigQuery, Dataproc, and Cloud Marketplace. This course is one of a collection of courses that prepares learners for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Use google cloud shell
    Install google cloud sdk
    Enable the gcp sdk in visual studio and set the default project
    Install the gcloud cli and set the default project
    Enable cloud tools for powershell, authenticate with cloud sdk, and run powershell cmdlets
    Describe cloud sql features
  • Interact with bigquery by loading and exporting data
    Describe cloud spanner best practices
    Identify the key advantages of cloud bigtable
    Describe the advantages of dataproc
    Describe cloud marketplace
    Deploy cloud marketplace
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  Installing Google Cloud SDK
    5m 31s
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    4.  Enabling Google Cloud SDK with Visual Studio
    5m 11s
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    5.  Using the gcloud CLI
    4m 25s
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    6.  Enabling Google Cloud Tools for PowerShell
    3m 37s
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    7.  Cloud SQL Features
    5m 43s
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    8.  Loading and Exporting Data with BigQuery
    6m 24s
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    9.  Cloud Spanner Best Practices
    10m 32s
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    10.  Key Advantages of Cloud Bigtable
    8m 31s
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    11.  Key Advantages of Dataproc
    5m 10s
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    12.  Cloud Marketplace
    5m 30s
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    13.  Deploying Cloud Marketplace
    7m 16s
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    14.  Course Summary
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