Inserting text in Word 365

Word Microsoft 365 (2021)    |    Beginner
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This course explores Word 365's tools for typing, inserting, and manipulating text. Discover how to configure Word settings for more efficient typing. For example, to easily choose when to insert text or replace it as you type. You will also learn how to choose the insertion point anywhere in a document or how to insert text by getting quick autocomplete suggestions. Word also provides different tools for selecting text efficiently. See how to use your mouse or keyboard to select words, lines, or paragraphs. Next, you will then learn how to reorder text or paragraphs with cutting, copying, and pasting tools. Lastly, you will also discover other tools to quickly insert text. For example, use text boxes to add small pieces of texts anywhere in your document. If you prefer to insert text without typing, then see how to use and configure the dictation tools. In order to practice, you will find the video samples in the Resources section.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this Inserting text in Word 365 course
    insert text quickly
    select text manually and automatically
    move and paste text in a document
  • search and insert special characters
    insert a text box in a document
    format, arrange, and customize a text box
    use the voice dictation tool to insert text into a document


  • 44s
    This video outlines the key concepts covered in Inserting text in Word 365 including selecting text, inserting special characters, and using the dictation tools. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 8s
    Word features a variety of different ways of inserting text more quickly. You can use the overwrite mode to replace existing text passages, activate the Click & Type mode to insert text anywhere in your document, and even ask Word to offer word suggestions when you are typing. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Selecting text
    6m 5s
    Before making any changes to your text, you need to select it. There are a number of simple ways of selecting your text in preparation for any formatting that you want to do. Learn how to use your mouse and keyboard to select text and to save yourself valuable seconds when making changes to your work. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Moving and pasting text
    6m 9s
    If you need to quickly reorganize the text in your document, Word allows you to manually move and reposition your paragraphs. Word also features multiple paste options to move your text to other locations. These different functions allow you to be very precise as to what elements you are pasting into your document. This video aligns with MOS MO-101 / Word Expert Certification exam objective: 2.1.3.  Apply paste options. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Inserting special characters
    6m 19s
    If you want to insert a text character or symbol that cannot be found on your keyboard, you are going to need to use Word's special characters menu. This video aligns with MOS MO-100 / Word Associate Certification exam objective: 2.1.2.  Insert symbols and special characters. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Inserting a text box
    3m 22s
    Text boxes are text zones that can be used to create distinct sections for paragraphs and titles within your Word document. These boxes can be edited, formatted and arranged as separate objects, and are highly customizable. This video aligns with MOS MO-100 / Word Associate Certification exam objective: 5.1.6. Insert text boxes. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Editing a text box
    4m 25s
    Text boxes can be easily customized by adding content and be modified to various shapes. This helps your content stand out and makes the document more engaging. This video aligns with MOS MO-100 / Word Associate Certification exam objective: 5.3.1. Adding text to graphic elements. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Using the dictation tools
    5m 4s
    If you want to save time in creating a document, use voice dictation. Activate voice dictation, speak and Word will take care of the rest. Learn how to configure your dictation voice settings as well. FREE ACCESS


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