Leadership Insights on Developing Women Leaders

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Barriers to leadership often affect women more than men. With these insights on likability versus competence, biases that favor males, networking, and self-limiting mindsets, women can overcome external and internal barriers to advancement.


  • Acquire insights on shifting your mindset to encourage women to take on leadership roles.
    Acquire insights on how to deal with obstacles like stereotypes, etc. to prove that women can be effective leaders too.
    Acquire insights on how to realize your true potential by embracing who you really are and not just what you think the business needs.
    Acquire insights on preparing women to effectively negotiate salaries and job roles in an organization.
  • Acquire insights on how women can improve their likability quotient at work by influencing the perception of others.
    Acquire insights on how reframing risk helps senior leaders, especially women, advance in their careers.
    Acquire insights on the importance of networking for women and how they can do it effectively.


  • 2m 28s
    Women fail to advance to leadership positions because they have limiting mindsets. To change a mindset, be self aware without judgment. Remember a time when you had a desired mindset, then shift, for example from being a victim to being in charge. FREE ACCESS
  • 7m 4s
    Women encounter obstacles to leadership because of a bias that favors males for critical assignments, because women have mentors instead of sponsors, and they don’t match stereotypes about what leaders look like. Use your job as a platform. Grow it and network. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Embrace Who You Are to Realize Your Potential
    2m 28s
    To realize your true potential, says Natalie Maroun, you must embrace all that you are, instead of just the factors that you believe the business world wants to see. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Job Negotiation for Women
    3m 40s
    Women are at an automatic disadvantage when it comes to salary negotiations; but a little preparation can make a big difference. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  The Likability Conundrum
    2m 51s
    The more women are liked the less competent they are viewed. To counter that perception; 1) take leadership roles in one or two organizations; 2) create content that demonstrates your competence; and 3) recruit a wingman and talk each other up. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Reframing Career Risk for Senior Leaders
    3m 11s
    Reframing risk helps senior leaders; especially women; advance in their careers. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Women and Networking
    2m 56s
    Although networking is important; women either aren't doing it or they're doing it wrong. FREE ACCESS


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