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Leaders with executive presence are able to naturally engage and influence others. Discover what executive presence is, how to develop this essential skill, and why getting others to believe in you begins with believing in yourself.


  • Acquire insights on the various methods for identifying and developing your leadership signature.
    Acquire insights on how to prepare for high stakes situations.
    Acquire insights on how to build confidence by learning to manage your insecurities.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can become influential by displaying gravitas.
    Acquire insights on psychological power, which is the ability to self-regulate so that you can bring out your best self.
    Acquire insights on the importance of using proper language for creating effective executive presence.
    Acquire insights on how leaders who can take cues about their presence are able to capture people’s attention and perform more effectively.
    Acquire insights on the importance of an effective executive voice for bringing home the trophy while giving a presentation.
    Acquire insights on internal confidence, the most important mindset for a leader.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can develop executive presence by practicing fundamental techniques.
    Acquire insights on executive presence.
    Acquire insights on executive presence, specifically how you look.
  • Acquire insights on executive presence, specifically how you talk.
    Acquire insights on executive presence, specifically how you think.
    Acquire insights on executive presence, specifically how to act.
    Acquire insights on the four pillars of executive presence.
    Acquire insights on how to improve your standing through appearance.
    Acquire insights on how your behavior influences others' perceptions of you.
    Acquire insights on unlocking executive presence through effective communication.
    Acquire insights on developing your virtual presence.
    Acquire insights on balancing authenticity with executive presence.
    Acquire insights on how to keep your composure in challenging times.
    Acquire insights on adapting your executive presence.


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    1.  Develop your Leadership Signature
    4m 25s
    Every leader has a unique leadership signature, made up of a credo—their core values and beliefs; what gives them the confidence to lead; and what provides credibility with others. Deborah Ancona describes methods for identifying your credo, confidence, and credibility. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Preparing for High Stakes Situations
    1m 21s
    When preparing for a presentation or other high-stakes situation, focus on how you speak more than what you say. Tap into your belief in your message, so you can present it with confidence. Practice power poses before you walk in; they configure your brain for success. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  How to Build Confidence
    3m 39s
    All people—even individuals who appear highly self-confident—have insecurities. Learn what gets in the way of confidence and what you need to do to build yourself up. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Influential Leaders Display Gravitas
    3m 22s
    To be influential; you must display confidence; often called “gravitas;” because; before others decide to work hard for you; they need to believe that you know what you’re talking about. Gravitas can’t be faked. People with gravitas really know what they’re doing. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Psychological Power
    Psychological power is not about power over others; it’s about power over yourself — the ability to self regulate so you can bring out your best self. Psychological power is related to creativity and positive mood; so you can feel good about yourself. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating Executive Presence Through Language
    3m 47s
    The kinds of words you use and the number of words you use convey your executive presence. Do others see you as a leader? FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Presence—Actors Have It; Leaders Need It
    4m 29s
    Leadership isn't about acting; but leaders who can take cues about their presence will captures people's attention and perform better. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Executive Voice
    5m 9s
    Being prepared, knowledgeable, clear, and concise is a great start for contributing to a meeting or discussion. Good executive voice means going further – exhibiting level-headed leadership by knowing your role, maintaining a strategic viewpoint, staying on message, and bringing value with whatever you say. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  The Leader's Most Important Mindset
    1m 52s
    The most important mindset is the leader’s internal confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you. Have confidence in your wisdom. When you are grounded others will see it. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Developing Executive Presence
    3m 21s
    By practicing these techniques, leaders can develop the fundamental characteristics associated with executive presence. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Executive Presence: Overview
    2m 46s
    Executive presence may be hard to define, but you know when someone has it—and when they don’t. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Executive Presence: How You Look
    3m 4s
    The most quickly noticed part of executive presence is your appearance. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Executive Presence: How You Talk
    2m 51s
    How you speak conveys volumes about your attitude, education, and emotions. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Executive Presence: How You Think
    2m 54s
    Your ability to think creatively and coherently is on display more often than you realize. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Executive Presence: How to Act
    2m 57s
    How you act and behave is a component of executive presence that is often only noticed over time. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  The Four Pillars of Executive Presence
    3m 22s
    Executive presence is defined as the "skills, behaviors, and personality traits that together motivate and inspire others." Fortunately, executive presence can be learned and honed over time. By developing the "four pillars of executive presence", you can increase your impact as a leader. Find out how to develop executive presence. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  How to Improve Your Standing Through Appearance
    3m 8s
    One of the keys to career success lies in your ability to project executive presence. It requires focus, authenticity, and, most of all, self-awareness. Everything about your appearance should signal confidence and credibility. This includes your attire, grooming habits, body language, and even workspace. Remember, details are important, so be sure to focus on how you present yourself. Discover four key practices to keep in mind. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  How Your Behavior Influences Others' Perceptions of You
    2m 25s
    It is important to understand how your behavior shapes other people's perception of you. In fact, demonstrating appropriate behaviors, both in the office and during meals and networking events and business travel, sends a clear signal to others about your readiness for particular roles, projects, and even promotions. Find out how important behavior is to projecting an executive presence. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Unlocking Executive Presence through Effective Communication
    2m 25s
    One of the most crucial components of executive presence is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in all forms, including verbal, written, and nonverbal. Practicing executive level communication skills so they become habitual is the quickest and easiest way to level up your communication style. Effective communication helps unlock more of your executive presence, which helps you to progress more quickly towards your goals. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  Developing Your Virtual Presence
    2m 58s
    As more organizations embrace virtual meeting platforms and remote work opportunities, leaders need to be aware of how these evolving dynamics stand to shape their executive presence. Developing your virtual presence will help you to stand out from your colleagues in a 2D video world. It's essential to maximize your use of the available communication tools in a strategic manner. Learn some tips on how to do this. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  Balancing Authenticity with Executive Presence
    2m 44s
    Executives often ask how they can express their authenticity while maintaining their executive presence. This is especially common among people of color and LGBT professionals because they sometimes feel as if they must sacrifice a part of their authenticity and identity in order to truly fit into the organizational culture. Find out how can you balance your authenticity with your executive presence. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  How to Keep Your Composure in Challenging Times
    2m 57s
    Given that life is rarely straightforward, it's important to accept that we must adapt our executive presence to fit whatever situation we find ourselves in. This means we cannot always adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, we have to adapt when needed. Find out about an effective three-point framework for adapting the four distinct components of executive presence. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  Adapting Your Executive Presence
    3m 10s
    One of the most valuable qualities possessed by leaders is their ability to maintain composure in challenging times. It is a key part of executive presence and there are times when it can make or break your career. Learn how to keep your composure in challenging times. FREE ACCESS


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