Leadership Insights on Leading Across Cultures

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As the playing field goes global, so must the coaches. Global games have different rules and players, and leaders who want the big win must adapt their approaches to relationships, communication, and even their own leadership style.


  • Acquire insights on becoming an effective global leader by staying informed and flexible.
    Acquire insights on becoming more thoughtful and aware when dealing with people from different cultures.
    Acquire insights on developing a relationship of trust and mutual respect with customers and clients from different nationalities and regions.
    Acquire insights on how to connect with people from various cultures by finding similarities and what you have in common to build good relationships.
    Acquire insights on the importance of using emotional intelligence to effectively communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds.
    Acquire insights on how to have effective conversations on sensitive topics with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Acquire insights on building relationships across cultures using tactics other than small talk.
    Acquire insights on the mistakes most managers make with cross-cultural training and how to avoid them.
    Acquire insights on how to praise people from different cultures so that they understand and appreciate your intentions and effort.
    Acquire insights on how to communicate in a foreign culture with a mix of your own personality and cultural sensitivity.
    Acquire insights on how to effectively manage a team that's spread out all over the world by overcoming any obstacles and bring out their best potential.
    Acquire insights on the six basic dimensions of communication that vary from culture to culture and, in turn, improve chances of success in your professional and personal lives.


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    1.  Cultural Differences: Good Leadership
    1m 46s
    The definition of good leadership varies across cultures. To get results; leaders of global teams need to stay informed and be flexible. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Going Global and Crossing Cultures
    3m 18s
    Companies don't go global; people go global. Crossing cultures requires those people to be thoughtful and self-aware. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Cultural Differences: The Trusting Scale
    1m 39s
    Doing business with individuals from other countries requires an understanding of whether they trust with their head or their heart. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  To Connect Across Cultures, Find Out What You Have in Common
    4m 49s
    Similarities are often the impetus for building relationships in our own culture, so it should come as no surprise that these commonalities help us to forge bonds with individuals from other cultures. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Emotional Intelligence Across Cultures
    5m 43s
    When the emotional expressions of cultures span great distances, emotional intelligence bridges the gap to effective communication. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Four Trip Wires of Having Difficult Conversations Across Cultures
    6m 34s
    Difficult conversations are inherently challenging, but they become exponentially tougher when discussing sensitive issues across cultures. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Building Relationships in Cultures That Don't Do Small Talk
    4m 42s
    Unlike in America, where people use small talk to form connections, other cultures may take a different tact. These three tips make it easier to foster relationships when small talk doesn’t work. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  The Mistake Most Managers Make with Cross-Cultural Training
    4m 5s
    Knowledge of cross-cultural differences is useful when working with people around the globe, but it only gets you so far. It’s time to take the next step. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  How to Praise Across Cultures
    4m 15s
    Although praise is a universal practice, different cultures deliver praise in different ways. Keep your good intentions from backfiring by tailoring the way you approach and offer praise. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Global Dexterity
    6m 24s
    Communicating in a foreign culture should be a mix of your own personality and cultural sensitivity. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Managing a Team That's Spread Out All Over the World
    7m 30s
    Global teams have immense potential, but they also come with inherent obstacles that need to be overcome first. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Boost Your Cultural Intelligence
    3m 49s
    Improving the chances of success in your professional and personal outcomes starts with an understanding of the six basic dimensions of communication that vary from culture to culture. FREE ACCESS


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