Leadership Insights on Leading Diversity

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Diversity is good for business. It drives innovation and delivers results that create a competitive advantage. But to do all this, diversity has to be more than a compliance checklist. Leaders must put a premium on values and individuality.


  • Acquire insights on the value of putting a truly diverse team together, which will include diversity not just in terms of color and race, but diversity in skills, age, experience, etc.
    Acquire insights on the true power of diversity and its ability to drive innovation and creativity.
    Acquire insights on the importance of projecting your organization as a global and diverse entity which supports and encourages ethnic diversity.
    Acquire insights on understanding that diversity goes beyond color and race, it is about the uniqueness that each person brings to his or her job.
    Acquire insights on the advantages of cultural diversity.
  • Acquire insights on the importance of having cultural diversity in an organization beyond just ticking the compliance checkbox.
    Acquire insights on how a diverse team of people will deliver results.
    Acquire insights on how inclusive leaders create workplace diversity.
    Acquire insights on the social and psychological factors that threaten the ability to adapt to a diverse workplace.
    Acquire insights on how to encourage diversity of thought and expression in an organization.


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    1.  The Importance of Diversity
    2m 36s
    Diversity is bigger than male, female, Asian, black, white, Latino. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  The Power of Diversity
    3m 29s
    Diversity drives innovation, which provides a competitive advantage. Volvo asked a team of women to design a car. Women don’t like to open the hood; when they do, it’s usually to add washer fluid. The solution was to add washer fluid on the side, as we do gasoline. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Diversity Is Good Business
    1m 43s
    A company's employees ought to reflect the markets and the people the company serves, as well as the people where the company is located. Sir David Bell describes how his company does that in London, and the results of reflecting the diversity of the city. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Diversity in Business
    2m 24s
    According to Sahar Hashemi, diversity isn’t about gender, race, or religion. Instead, it’s about the uniqueness that each person brings to his or her job. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  The Advantages of Cultural Diversity
    1m 43s
    Differences in how cultures see things, as alone or interconnected, brings the advantages of diversity to innovation and risk assessment. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Difference Beyond Diversity
    2m 33s
    Diversity in the workplace is about much more than just checking off compliance boxes. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Diverse Teams Deliver Results
    1m 27s
    Kelly Thompson explains how a diverse team of people will deliver results. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  How Inclusive Leaders Create Workplace Diversity
    1m 31s
    Diversity is more than a social justice issue when it takes place in a business environment. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  The Threat of Diversity
    1m 29s
    Research demonstrates the value of a diverse workplace. However, we are programmed at a primal level to prefer to be with people like us. Leaders must be aware that people who are not like us can contribute a lot. Spending time socially can help reduce the threat. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Diversity of Thought
    4m 27s
    Encouraging diversity of thought is easier when you know the right words to use and which bad habits to eliminate. FREE ACCESS


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