Leadership Insights on Leading through Disruption

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The wave of disruption creates opportunities for those who can harness its power. Find out how to align commitments, encourage innovation, mobilize talent, and adapt as the tide rises. There's no better time to take advantage of disruption.


  • Acquire insights on aligning commitments and mobilizing talent in your organization for long-term success.
    Acquire insights on true adaptability to change by looking at a situation from multiple points of view.
    Acquire insights on how to lead effectively by staying ahead of disruptive innovation.
  • Acquire insights on the different attributes of a successful leader.
    Acquire insights on how to exploit disruption in your organization.
    Acquire insights on how to lead your team effectively through disruptive innovations.


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    1.  Aligning and Mobilizing your Organization for Long-Term Success
    4m 26s
    With disruptions coming faster than ever and from unexpected directions; long-term success depends on the ability to align commitments and mobilize talent. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  To Adapt, Change Your Vantage Point
    3m 42s
    True adaptability is being able to see a situation from multiple points of view. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Stay Ahead of Disruptive Innovation
    2m 7s
    To stay ahead of disruptive innovation; know everything about your core and find other people to know everything else. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  What Brain Research Says About Leadership
    2m 17s
    Successful leaders are adaptive. They are conscious of their options in the moment; and choose effectively. Depending on the situation; they may display strong emotions to inspire and motivate; or be calm; or care about what others are thinking and feeling; or not care. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Exploit Disruption
    2m 59s
    Exploiting disruption is like sailing a sailboat. Move with the wind. The four major forces of disruption are industry, customers, new competition, and new business models. Seth Kahan gives examples of ways to take advantage of each type of disruption. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  How to Lead Your Team Through Disruptive Innovations
    3m 16s
    Overcoming disruptive innovation requires leaders to define reality; instill hope; and encourage exploration. FREE ACCESS


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