Linux Exploits & Mitigation: Program Essentials

Ubuntu 20.04    |    Intermediate
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Navigating the space between userland and kernel and how it impacts how programs reside and execute inside of an operating system can lead to a better understanding of how it's exploited. Being able to debug, disassemble, and dump programs are essential to finding vulnerabilities. In this course, you'll investigate the structure of the Linux kernel, system calls, and program interfaces by running, debugging, and disassembling code. You'll explore how programs fit in memory and how they are protected and executed. You'll debug and disassemble code into its assembly for inspection. Next, you'll explore the GNU C implementation of the standard library and interface using syscalls and the Linux system call table. Finally, you'll explore how programs and scripts are executed and how they are segmented in memory.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    describe a program's structure in memory in terms of address space layout
    run gdb to step through and trace debug a C program
    run gdb to disassemble a program into its assembly code
    run objdump and readelf to disassemble and inspect a Linux program
    describe how data and functionality are protected by separating computing resources
    discuss how data and functionality are protected within the Linux operating system by kernel and userland separation
    describe the GNU C Library (glibc) and how it integrates with the Linux kernel
  • interface with the Linux kernel through system calls in C
    interface with the Linux kernel through system calls in Assembly
    describe the main components of the Linux system call table
    query system calls available in your installed version of Linux
    analyze simple Linux program system calls using strace
    explore how programs are segmented between their text, data, and BSS segments
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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