Managing Microsoft Teams: Endpoints

Microsoft Teams    |    Intermediate
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Endpoints in Microsoft Teams can include computers, laptops, tablets or mobile devices running Microsoft Teams. The term endpoint is also used to describe how the user connects to a device. This can include using the built-in speaker or microphone, a headset, or earbuds. In this course, you'll learn how to deploy the Microsoft Teams client on devices running MacOS, mobile operating systems, and devices running virtualization software. You will then explore how to manage configuration profiles, device tags, and device settings and firmware. Lastly, you'll discover how to configure Microsoft Teams Rooms. This course is one of several that will help prepare learners for the MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams certification exam.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Recognize how to deploy teams client on devices including mac os and mobile devices
    Recognize how to use teams on a windows virtual (wvd) desktop
    Recognize how to use teams on virtualized desktop infrastructure (vdi)
    Provide an overview of managing devices in teams
    Create and assign configuration profiles in teams
    Recognize the types of devices that are used in a teams environment
    Describe how to create, remove, or rename device tags in teams
  • Describe how to update teams devices remotely
    Provide an overview of teams rooms
    Describe how to plan management responsibilities using the microsoft teams rooms managed service
    Demonstrate how to configure accounts for microsoft teams rooms
    Describe how to configure a microsoft teams rooms console
    Describe how to maintain and operate microsoft teams rooms
    Describe the microsoft teams rooms recovery tool
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  Microsoft Teams on Windows Virtual Desktop
    7m 48s
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    4.  Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure
    5m 34s
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    5.  Device Management in Teams
    6m 24s
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    6.  Creating and Assigning Configuration Profiles
    9m 39s
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    7.  Recognizing Types of Devices in Teams
    10m 50s
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    8.  Device Tags in Teams
    5m 24s
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    9.  Update Teams Devices Remotely
    5m 4s
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    10.  Microsoft Teams Rooms Features and Capabilities
    4m 50s
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    11.  Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Service
    5m 46s
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    12.  Configuring Accounts for Microsoft Teams Rooms
    10m 29s
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    13.  Configuring a Microsoft Teams Rooms Console
    6m 36s
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    14.  Maintaining and Operating Teams Rooms
    5m 12s
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    15.  Teams Rooms Recovery Tool
    3m 43s
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    16.  Course Summary
    1m 1s
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