Managing Microsoft Teams: Managing Phone Systems

Microsoft Teams    |    Intermediate
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Phone systems in Teams allow organizations to replace outdated existing phone system equipment, while enabling a move to a more integrated and scalable solution all from within Teams. In this course, you'll explore the basics of phone systems and learn how to set up phone features such as voicemail, call queues, and caller ID. You'll discover how to use policies to then manage call park, calling, and caller ID. Finally, you'll learn how to create and configure auto attendants and manage resource accounts. This course is one of several that will help prepare learners for the MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams certification exam.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Provide an overview of phone systems in microsoft teams
    Set up a phone system in microsoft teams
    Provide an overview of acquiring and assigning product licenses for a voice solution in microsoft teams
    Configure voicemail settings in microsoft teams
    Differentiate between outbound and inbound caller id settings in a caller id policy
    Provide an overview of caller id settings for a user
    Create, edit, and assign caller id policies in microsoft teams
    Manage resource accounts in microsoft teams
    Create and configure a call queue as well as call agents, call routing, call overflow, call timeout, and caller id for outbound calls
  • Set up an auto attendant in teams, as well as call flow and dial scope
    Set up a holiday in teams using the microsoft teams admin center
    Provide an overview of voice recognition features
    Create a dial plan in microsoft teams
    Create, edit, and assign call park policies in microsoft teams
    Configure group calling pickup
    Create, edit, and assign calling policies in microsoft teams
    Configure call delegates in microsoft teams
    Provide an overview of dial pad configurations in microsoft teams
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  Setting Up a Phone System in Microsoft Teams
    8m 57s
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    4.  Licenses for a Voice Solution
    13m 21s
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    5.  Setting Up Voicemail in Microsoft Teams
    5m 8s
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    6.  Inbound and Outbound Caller ID
    6m 2s
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    7.  Caller ID Policy Settings
    4m 4s
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    8.  Creating New Caller ID Policies
    5m 17s
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    9.  Managing Resource Accounts
    7m 20s
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    10.  Configuring a Call Queue and Call Routing
    7m 18s
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    11.  Setting Up Auto Attendant, Call Flow, and Dial Scope
    8m 46s
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    12.  Setting Up Holidays in Microsoft Teams
    3m 13s
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    13.  Voice Recognition Features and Capabilities
    5m 54s
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    14.  Working with Dial Plans
    13m 3s
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    15.  Configuring Call Park Policies
    6m 16s
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    16.  Configuring Group Calling in Microsoft Teams
    5m 17s
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    17.  Configuring Calling Policies in Microsoft Teams
    6m 36s
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    18.  Configuring Call Delegates
    5m 9s
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    19.  Dial Pad Configuration Considerations
    5m 41s
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    20.  Course Summary
    1m 1s
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