Mayo Clinic COVID-19: Essentials for the Healthcare Worker

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  • Includes Assessment
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Mayo Clinic COVID-19: Essentials for the Healthcare Worker is an online course that provides ongoing concise updates related to the COVID-19 disease. The course aims to provide learners with the latest updates and strategies to protect themselves and their communities, and to provide treatment and mitigation information to enable healthcare workers to better manage cases and mortality rates. Topics include appropriate community- and personal-level protective and mitigating efforts; therapeutics; correct usage of personal protective equipment (PPE); and discussion of special scenarios healthcare workers may face. (Published 4/13/2020)


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    Disease, Preparedness, Response & Treatment
    20m 7s
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    Personal Protective Wear
    8m 57s
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    Correctly Don and Doff Personal Protective Wear Video Demonstration
    6m 35s
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    Special Circumstances for Airway Procedures
    19m 39s