MIT SMR: Managing the Post-Pandemic Workforce Empowerment vs. Oversight

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As organizations prepare to lead their post-pandemic hybrid workforce, leaders face critical choices about how best to measure and monitor their workers' performance. Should leadership use new measurement technologies to double down on greater oversight? Or are these capabilities better deployed to empower workers? Our research suggests a growing divide between organizations that view enhanced measurement as enhanced control versus those that see metrics as a source of enhanced engagement with their workers. In this on-demand webinar, Michael Schrage, visiting scholar at MIT Sloan's Initiative on the Digital Economy, explores this global issue with David Kiron, editorial director of MIT SMR. Schrage and Kiron look at whether encouraging workers to opt into digital self-monitoring will lead them to see themselves in new ways.


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    Managing the Post-Pandemic Workforce Empowerment vs. Oversight
    59m 2s