Pivot Series

  • 5 videos | 12m 14s
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The four stage pivot method will help you prepare for the next step in your career through strategically bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to go.


  • Acquire insights on how the four-stage pivot method can be helpful when changing careers.
    Acquire insights on how the plant stage of the pivot method can help you in a career change.
    Acquire insights on how the scan stage of the pivot method can help with your career change.
  • Acquire insights on how the pilot stage of the pivot method can help you start testing the new career option.
    Acquire insights on the launch stage of the pivot method, when considering a career change.


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    1.  The Pivot Method: Overview
    2m 57s
    When you're ready for the next step in your career, whatever that may be, the four-stage pivot method helps you map your next move. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  The Pivot Method: Plant Stage
    2m 23s
    In the pivot method to career change, the first and most important stage is plant. You need a strong foundation to support your game. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  The Pivot Method: Scan Stage
    2m 24s
    After you have worked through the plant stage and have identified where you ultimately want to be, the scan stage helps you close the gap between here and there. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  The Pivot Method: Pilot Stage
    2m 6s
    Once you've put in the thought work associated with the plant and scan stages, it's time to start testing out whether what you think you want matches what you really do want. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  The Pivot Method: Launch Stage
    2m 25s
    The plant, scan, and pilot stages of the pivot method prepare you for launch: going all in on the vision you chose. FREE ACCESS


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