Preventing Harassment and Violence in the Canadian Workplace - Managers

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In recent years, high profile incidents of workplace harassment and violence have heightened employee and employer concerns about safety in the workplace. This course will explore the forms harassment can take in the workplace and will also examine the factors that contribute to violence at work. The key to preventing harassment and violence in the workplace is for all employees to be aware of the warning signs and to become familiar with their companies' policies and procedures that address these issues. This course is designed for use in all provinces as a component of an organization's anti-harassment and anti-violence training program, such as is required under Ontario's Bill 168 and Bill 132 and, for companies under federal jurisdiction, Canada's Bill C-65. Each organization that utilizes this training is responsible for determining whether this training should be supplemented with additional training in order to meet applicable provincial and federal standards on workplace violence and harassment prevention.


  • identify examples of behaviours that may be considered workplace harassment
  • identify actions managers and employers should take to protect employees from harassment
  • recognize behaviours that would be considered workplace harassment and identify appropriate actions to take to prevent it
  • identify situations and behaviours that would be considered workplace violence
  • recognize early warning signs of the potential for violent behaviour
  • identify actions you can take to protect yourself from workplace violence
  • recognize early warning signs of violence to prevent it from happening


  • Recognizing Workplace Harassment
  • Preventing and Responding to Harassment
  • Knowledge Check: Workplace Harassment
  • Understanding Violence in the Workplace
  • Recognizing Early Warning Signs of Violence
  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Knowledge Check: Preventing Workplace Violence