QlikView: Getting Started with QlikView for Data Visualization

QlikView 12.5    |    Beginner
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QlikView, a guided data analytics solution from Qlik, allows you to develop and deliver interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards rapidly. In this course, you'll set up QlikView Personal on your Microsoft Windows machine and build some standard visualizations. You'll first demonstrate and explore in detail the associative data model in QlikView, which allows you to probe and highlight all associations in your data. You'll then import custom data using Excel and CSV files into QlikView before visualizing and exploring your data using bar charts, pie charts, and grid charts. Furthermore, you'll also use special sheet objects, such as the table box, which, when every row's content is logically connected, displays several fields in your data simultaneously. Moreover, you'll use the multi box to represent values from multiple fields as drop-down values.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Install and set up qlikview personal on your local windows machine
    Use the built-in qlikview movies example to illustrate qlikview's associative model
    Import data from excel into qlikview
    Create and illustrate the use of a table box sheet object
    Configure a basic bar chart and table that influence each other
    Perform sort and filter operations on a bar chart
  • Create horizontal bar charts and visualize negative values
    Import data from a csv file into qlikview
    Create a table box sheet object and a multi box sheet object to influence the other objects in a sheet
    Create a pie chart to visualize the proportion of individual categories
    Create and customize basic grid charts
    Explore data using a trellis chart
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 2m 6s
    Get started with QlikView to rapidly develop and deliver interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards. Learn how to use the associative data model to assign data associations that help you explore and visualize your data. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 35s
    In this video, learn how to install and set up QlikView on your local Windows machine. Essential installations steps include how to register, download, find and open QlikView on your computer. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Illustrating How QlikView's Associative Model Works
    11m 41s
    Learn to confidently navigate QlikView's associative data model using built-in examples. Knowing how to get the most from the examples gives you the advantage of an in-depth look into how QlikView works, and how it’s designed to work with and for you. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Importing Data into QlikView
    9m 1s
    Load and reload data from Excel to save down into a QlikView document. You can easily import data from existing files when you have these skills and know the best practices for working in the file wizard, preview screen, and edit script dialog box. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Working with Table Box Sheet Objects in QlikView
    10m 9s
    Get an in-depth look at the table box sheet objects you will work with in QlikView. Explore different sheet properties, tabs, and fields while creating your very own table box. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating Bar Charts and Tables in QlikView
    7m 36s
    Visualize data your way by creating and customizing bar charts to fit your needs. An overview of basic bar charts and how elements work together is presented before you move on to create your own bar charts and learn how to configure your chart and table box so they influence each other. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Running QlikView Bar Chart Sort & Filter Operations
    9m 4s
    See how much control QlikView lets you have when creating and customizing bar charts. Explore how to configure your charts and learn all about the properties and tabs that change their appearance. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Using Horizontal Bar Charts in QlikView
    6m 59s
    Enhance your visualizations using horizontal bar graphs rather than vertical ones. Learn new skills like adding negative values, and revisit the chart properties and tabs to configure it as needed. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Importing CSV Data into QlikView
    8m 21s
    Become savvy in importing data from CSV files into QlikView. Load and reload data from these files into your QlikView documents to achieve the charts you need and want. A new chart type is introduced in this video. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Creating Table Boxes and Multi Boxes in QlikView
    7m 15s
    Take your skills to the next level by learning to create and use Multi Boxes. Understand the important use these play and gain valuable insight as to how other items on your sheet will be influenced when these are applied. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Using QlikView Pie Charts to Visualize Compositions
    8m 51s
    Learn more about creating a pie chart and configuring it to visualize individual category proportions within your chart. You will become familiar with the pie chart properties and editing them to fit your needs. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Visualizing Data Using Grid Charts in QlikView
    9m 55s
    Know when it’s the right time to select a grid chart for your data. Learn how to select the best properties and appearances to display this type of information and create a grid chart of pie charts. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Visualizing Data Using Trellis Charts in QlikView
    11m 7s
    Become an expert at creating impressive master visualizations using the chart Trellis feature. Understand the difference between Trellis and chart types and when you can and should use Trellis to explore your data. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Course Summary
    2m 19s
    Review this course’s main teaching points on how to develop and deliver interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards. Revisit expert, real-life tips from your instructor on how to begin building standard visualizations right away in QlikView. FREE ACCESS


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