Quantum Optimization

  • 7 videos | 1h 2m 47s
  • Includes Assessment
Learn about quantum optimization and the many approaches to it


  • Understand adiabatic quantum computing
    Understand the specifics of adiabatic evolution
    Understand what optimization means in terms of a combinatorial search
    Understand quantum annealing
  • Understand quantum annealing on a deep level
    Understand grover's algorithm
    Understand how to implement and run grover's algorithm


  • 6m 27s
    Learn about adiabatic quantum computing FREE ACCESS
  • 7m 4s
    Learn more about adiabatic quantum computing  FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm
    10m 58s
    Learn about the algorithm for optimization in quantum computing FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Quantum Annealing: Concept
    10m 32s
    Learn about quantum annealing FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Quantum Annealing: Expert View
    9m 51s
    Learn more about quantum annealing FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Grover's Algorithm: Quantum Search
    9m 6s
    Learn about Grover's algorithm FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Grover's Algorithm on the Quantum Experience Intro
    8m 50s
    Learn how to implement and run Grover's Algorithm FREE ACCESS