Saving, Bookmarking & Sharing Websites in Edge

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Whether you're researching or simply creating a repository of your favorite sites, a key feature of web browsers is saving and sharing sites. Discover how to save, bookmark, and share sites in Edge.


  • Add websites to your favorites list in microsoft edge
    Organize your favorite sites in folders and categories
    Use and manage your reading list
    Use and organize your search history
  • Import data from another computer or another web browser
    Print a hard copy of a web page from microsoft edge
    Share a web page using windows 10


  • 3m 19s
    If you often use a particular website, you can access it with just one click by adding it to your favorites. Learn how to add websites to your favorites list and how to activate the favorites toolbar in your Microsoft Edge browser. You will also see how to pin a page to your start menu for easy access via Windows 10. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 18s
    If you have saved a lot of sites to your favorites, you can organize them so you can find them more easily. Learn to make folders and categories to effectively organize your favorites in Microsoft Edge, and to open several favorites with a single click. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing your Reading list in Edge
    2m 26s
    If you want to come back to an article at a later time or date, you can add it to your Microsoft Edge Reading list This can also help you to keep track of interesting articles you would like to re-read later. Here you will learn how to add and view web pages stored in your Reading list. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using the browser history in Edge
    2m 44s
    Your Microsoft Edge search history saves information about which sites you have previously visited. Using this tool, you can find websites you have previously visited using just one click, even several days later. Learn how to find and organize your search history for the most efficient effects. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Importing personal data in Edge
    2m 27s
    Learn how to save your personal settings, preferences and favorites with your browser. You will see how to import this data from or to another computer or even another web browser. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Printing a web page in Edge
    2m 8s
    If you need a hard copy of a web page, you can print the page directly from Microsoft Edge, whether you are using normal or read view. Learn how to edit the print settings and use the print preview to view your page before printing. You will be able to alter the format, headers, footers and margins, as well as printing particular pages and/or multiple copies of a page from your Microsoft Edge browser. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Sharing a web page in Edge
    3m 25s
    Whether or not you have annotated a web page, it is possible to share it in several different ways, either as a screen capture, or as a full page. To do this, you can use your Windows 10 operating system share tool, which is incorporated into Microsoft Edge, along with applications such as OneNote, Outlook and the Reading List App. FREE ACCESS


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