Saving & Managing Documents in Google Docs 2020

Google Docs 2020    |    Beginner
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Explore the basics of saving and managing documents in Google Docs. Discover the several ways and places to save your document, including on your computer and on Google Drive. Continue by learning how to save a document as a Word, PDF, EPUB or HTML file. You will also see how to get statistics for a document, including word count, and the number of lines or paragraphs in a document. Finally, you will learn how to manage a document's version history, and how to restore a previous or the most recent version of your documents.


  • Upload documents from a local drive
    Extract text from images with google docs
    Review statistics and activity of a document
    Using online and offline documents
    Create a back up version of a document
  • Restore a previous or recent version of a document
    Set up print options
    Save a document as a pdf and epub file
    Save a document as a html file


  • 4m 19s
    You may at some point need to work on a document that has not been created in Google Docs. You can however upload it from your hard-drive into your Google Docs portal, and continue working on it from there. This function is also extremely useful if you want to work on the document in collaboration with other colleagues, or simply ensure that a copy of the document is backed up online. FREE ACCESS
  • 1m 52s
    A particularly useful tool in Google Docs is the ability to convert text found in an image file - such as a scanned document - into a Google Document that you can then modify. Google Docs' optical reader software can extract the text from the image and transcribe it, character by character, into a new document, saving you from having to type out the text yourself. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Getting statistics for your document in Google Docs 2020
    3m 38s
    It can be important and useful to check the word count of your document. Google Docs lets you check the word count and continue to count words as you type. You can also get more information from the new Activity dashboard to review the usage, and other statistics of your document. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Working with online & offline documents in Google Docs 2020
    3m 44s
    As Google Docs is a web-based word processing application, your documents are regularly and automatically saved. In this tutorial, you will find out how to check whether your document has been saved and how recently the save operation was performed. You will also learn how to make a document available for editing offline. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating different versions of a document in Google Docs 2020
    3m 56s
    The auto-save function in your Google Docs prevents you from losing any changes you make to your document; however, it also means that if you make any inadvertent changes to your document, they will also be saved as well. If you want to avoid this sort of situation, you can create a copy of the document which you can edit without affecting the original. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Restoring a previous version of your document in Google Docs 2020
    3m 39s
    Although the auto-save function automatically saves your document in Google Docs, it does not overwrite any previous versions. This means that if you make any changes that you wish to cancel, you can browse and restore older versions of your document which have been stored by the application in its revisions history. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Printing your document in Google Docs 2020
    3m 38s
    As well as allowing you to preview your document before it is printed, Google Docs gives you the choice of printing your document using the browser print settings or the system dialog box. Learn how to easily print your document and ensure you configure the settings so you get the job you desire. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Converting a document into a PDF or EPUB file in Google Docs 2020
    3m 6s
    Create shareable copies of your documents with Google Docs. PDF is a special format that can be read and accessed on any computer system, and it will allow you to view your document as it will appear once printed. EPUB format is ideal to give control to readers on how to display the document. Learn how to use Google Docs to download a copy of your document as a PDF or EPUB file. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Converting a document into an HTML page in Google Docs 2020
    2m 56s
    The HTML format is the main language used in webpages. If you have your own website, the ability to convert a Google Docs text document into an HTML page is thus extremely useful. Once done, you and other individuals will be able to open your document in an internet browser, thus offering you another means of sharing your document. FREE ACCESS


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