Saving & Managing Presentations in Prezi Classic

Prezi Classic    |    Intermediate
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Manage and show off your prezis. Discover how to export presentations or save them as a PDF file, use folders to keep them sorted, share them with others, and publish to a website or blog.


  • export a presentation in Prezi
    save your presentations as PDFs in Prezi
    organize your presentations in Prezi
  • share presentations in Prezi
    publish your presentations in Prezi
    add comments in Prezi


  • 3m 8s
    If you are going to present in a location that does not have Internet access, you'll need to export your Prezi files. That way, you can present from any location and are no longer limited to the website. We'll take a look at how to export your Prezi, as well as the result of your exported files. FREE ACCESS
  • 1m 51s
    If you'd like to keep a copy of your presentation, we'll take a look at how to save your Prezi as a PDF. That way, you can share the presentation as a read-only file, to back up your work or to spread the message. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Organizing your presentations in Prezi Classic
    4m 53s
    To create easier access to your different presentations, we'll take a look at how to sort them into different folders. From your online Prezi account, you can create multiple folders and move your presentations into one or more folders. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sharing your presentation in Prezi Classic
    4m 34s
    Besides presenting your work to a formal audience, you can also share your presentation with other people by email or using a public link. That way, you can also work on a presentation with other people. You can also share your work in various social networks. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Publishing a presentation in Prezi Classic
    3m 35s
    You can include a Prezi on your blog or website. We'll take a look at where to find the HTML code you need and how to embed the code in a different site. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Adding comments in Prezi Classic
    2m 14s
    If you're working on a presentation as a group, you may wish to use the comments feature within the preview mode. We'll see where to find the comments associated with a presentation, as well as how to add your own comments using your Prezi account. FREE ACCESS


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