Shaping & Formatting Documents in Google Docs 2020

Google Docs 2020    |    Intermediate
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Make documents easier to read by changing the page layout in Google Docs. Discover how to format documents by converting a title into a WordArt element. If you are working with list, conver it into a bulleted or numbered list with Google Docs. Learn how to organize the different parts of your document by adding page and sections breaks, as well as page numbers, headers, and footers. Lastly, see how to insert and customize a table of contents and a bibliography.


  • Create a wordart title
    Create and customize numbered list
    Create and customize a bulleted list
    Format pages of a document
    Insert page and section breaks in a document
  • Set text into columns
    Add page numbers
    Insert headers and footers
    Insert a table of contents
    Add citation sources and insert a bibliography


  • 4m 22s
    You can use Word Art to make your title stand out and set the tone for the document. We’ll first look at inserting text as Word Art and then further customizing it to suit your needs. Once we’ve inserted the title, we’ll see how to add and customize a border. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 13s
    Numbered lists are extremely useful if you want to organize items in chronological order in your document. We’ll also look at how numbering updates automatically and how you can create a hierarchy with numbered lists. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating a bulleted list in Google Docs 2020
    3m 26s
    Bulleted lists are a great way of breaking up a block of text into more digestible bite sized items. We can also use bulleted lists to create a hierarchy. Once inserted, bulleted lists can still be customized. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Formatting your document in Google Docs 2020
    4m 3s
    To ensure your document’s legibility, it’s important you know how to format it. We’ll look at how you can improve legibility by changing margin size and default page settings such as page orientation, size and more. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Inserting page and section breaks in Google Docs 2020
    3m 43s
    A document is composed of different parts: a cover page, table of contents, sections, etc. We’ll look at how you can organize these different parts by adding page and section breaks. You will also see how to create sections to add structure tyour text. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Organizing your text into columns in Google Docs 2020
    Google Docs allows you to automatically put your text into columns. This can be particularly useful if you are creating a magazine or newspaper article. You can choose the number of columns used, modify your column widths, and even adjust the spacing between your columns. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Adding page numbers to a document in Google Docs 2020
    4m 1s
    If you want to keep track of the content in your document, you can add page numbers. These are crucial if you're working on a long document, especially if it's a collaborative one where multiple people are editing. As with headers and footers, you can also hide page numbers on your first and last pages if you want to insert a title or end page into your document. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Inserting headers & footers in Google Docs 2020
    4m 15s
    In Google Docs, headers and footers are very useful to include supplementary but not directly relevant information relating to your document. We’ll look at adding headers and footers, and then configuring them once they’ve been inserted. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Creating a table of contents in Google Docs 2020
    4m 33s
    A table of contents is a great way of showing the overall structure of your document in Google Docs. Table of contents can be created automatically from the document outline which is based on differently applied text styles. We’ll look at setting up a document in this way, and then inserting & customizing various table of contents. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Adding a bibliography in Google Docs 2020
    4m 1s
    If you regularly cite the same sources in your document, Google Docs gives you the option to add and save your citation sources. If you know the author, title, or publication date, you can add this information to use and easily cite your sources. You will also learn how to insert a bibliography by using these citations sources. FREE ACCESS


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