Sharing & Collaborating on Documents in Google Docs 2020

Google Docs 2020    |    Intermediate
  • 10 videos | 43m 8s
  • Includes Assessment
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Google Docs makes it easy for others to work on a document with you at the same time. Discover how to share a document as an attachment or via a link. Learn also how to share your document with one or more team members of your organization. Google Docs allows you to configure and manage permissions for each individual. In this course you will also see how to use the suggesting mode to track changes in a document. Other collaboration tools are also available, as comments, tasks assignments, and real-time chat to communicate with other editors.


  • publish a document online
    send a document by email
    share a document with others and create a shareable link
    manage users access and shareable link permissions
    collaborate and edit a document with others
  • track changes in a document
    manage modifications in a document
    start a discussion with comments
    manage comments in a document
    assign and manage tasks in a document


  • 3m 12s
    Once you have finished your document, you can publish it online in order for other people to access and read it. In this tutorial, you will find out how to use the publish function, and how to access the document via the internet address that is generated. You will also discover how to embed your document in a blog and further manage publishing options. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 4s
    If you are working on your document in collaboration with other team members, it is extremely useful to know how send it via email. As Google Docs is accessed via your Google account, you are already signed into your Gmail inbox. This makes it extremely easy to send your document using the Gmail system. Find out how to access your contacts list, how to change the format of the file that you are sharing, and how to send yourself a copy of the message. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Sharing & presenting in Google Docs 2020
    5m 46s
    Documents that you create in Google Docs are shared via the Google Docs platform. It is thus extremely important to know how to give access to other users for editing, commenting, or viewing the document. You can also create links giving access to a document that can be shared by email or instant messages. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing access to your document in Google Docs 2020
    3m 36s
    Sharing documents is extremely useful when working collaboratively on a document. This tutorial will show you how to manage an individual user’s access and how to revoke authorization. You will also see how to change the configuration of shareable links created in Google Docs. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Working with other users on your document in Google Docs 2020
    4m 59s
    If you are working on a document at the same time as someone else, any changes made will appear in real-time. In order to stay organized and ensure that you don't cancel out each other's modifications, Google Docs identifies who else is working on the document and includes a chat function which also works in real-time. This tutorial will show you how to successfully use these tools to modify your document in collaboration with a colleague. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Keeping track of changes to a document in Google Docs 2020
    3m 32s
    Google Docs allows you to keep track of changes with Suggesting mode. Activating suggesting mode means that any changes made will be applied definitively only once they have been approved by the document's owner, which is useful if you are collaborating on a document. You can also import Word documents with track changes mode enabled without losing any data. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managing modifications to a document in Google Docs 2020
    4m 24s
    Google Docs allows you to make edits to documents without changing the original text until the suggested edit is approved. You can manage suggested edits one by one or all together by rejecting or accepting them. You can also compare a modified version of a document to an older version and if desired, you can restore a previous version. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Commenting & mentioning in Google Docs 2020
    5m 50s
    If there are a number of individuals working on the same document, you may find it useful to discuss the issues arising by inserting comments. Comments can be added quickly and simply, and discussions appear in an internet forum format, allowing multiple users to post comments, and reply to the different discussion threads. Google Docs also allows you to mention other people within your organization, even if they don't have access to the document. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Participating in a discussion in a document in Google Docs 2020
    3m 20s
    At times, the comments pane can contain multiple issues and questions. In this tutorial, you will find out how to access the full list of comments, mark comments threads as resolved, and even reopen discussions, all without leaving Google Docs. If you want to keep on top of any discussion taking place within your document, you will find the notification settings extremely useful. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using smart tools in Google Docs 2020
    5m 25s
    In Google Docs, you can assign tasks, or "action items," to your co-workers or team members by using the comments option. Tasks can be assigned manually or using suggestion action items. You can also view tasks that other people have assigned to you and can reply to the comment and mark the task as done when it's completed. FREE ACCESS


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