Sharing & Collaborating on Files in Google Drive 2020

Google Drive 2020    |    Intermediate
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Once the files are stored on your Google Drive, the main purpose of this application is to enable you to share them easily. Then, it is worthwhile knowing how to manage the sharing options, how to see who has access to your documents and how to change its owners. For a better collaboration, learn to comment, to communicate and to work on a file at the same time as your colleagues.


  • Discover the key concepts in sharing & collaborating on files in this google drive course
    Get a link to a file or a folder
    Add or remove people's access to a file & change the owner of a file
    Open shared file links & locate shared files
    View, write and resolve comments
  • View information & check details of a document
    Open & browse the activity dashboard
    Message or call colleagues from a file
    Activate offline document editing
    Access and manage previous versions of a pdf or image file


  • 51s
    This video outlines the key content covered in the Sharing & Collaborating on Files in Google Drive course, including how to share, find and manage the share permissions of files, how to comment, view the details and get insights on your documents, and how to manage versions of a file. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 52s
    Storing a file or a folder in your Google Drive account allows you to easily share it with other people. Learn how to create a link for your file, change its settings and share it with your colleagues. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing share permissions in Google Drive 2020
    4m 55s
    Once your file or your folder has been shared, it is essential to know who has access to it and what permissions they have. Learn how to change the access permissions to a file, change its owner or even revoke access. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Finding files shared with you in Google Drive 2020
    4m 7s
    In some cases, you'll be alerted by email if a file has been shared with you. However, all documents shared with you will appear in your Google Drive. See how to locate this folder and manage its content. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Commenting on a document in Google Drive 2020
    5m 33s
    In Google Drive, you can add your own comments to documents, depending on what sharing permissions you have. Adding a comment helps build conversations around PDF files and images, as other users who can view the file can also view the comments and add their own. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Viewing the details of a document in Google Drive 2020
    5m 3s
    To work more efficiently on a document, it is important to view its metadata information on a regular basis. Learn how to view the details of a file, the activity and sharing history of it. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Getting insights on your documents in Google Drive 2020
    5m 40s
    The Activity Dashboard can be used to get information and insights on how a Google document is being viewed and used. You can find out who has viewed a document, when they last opened it, and the sort of collaborative activity taking place. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Communicating with document collaborators in Google Drive 2020
    4m 10s
    You may want to contact all the people working on a document or a folder, for example to share information about a project. Google Drive has a variety of tools that allow you to do so. It will be particularly useful if a file has been shared widely, with many people. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Working on documents offline in Google Drive 2020
    5m 29s
    If you are using the Google Chrome browser and your web connection drops, you risk losing your recent changes or not being able to make edits. With Google Drive's Offline mode, you can keep working on documents even when your connection goes down. This tool is also useful to edit a document without being interrupted by people collaborating on it. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Managing versions of a file in Google Drive 2020
    4m 10s
    You may be working on an image file or a PDF document with a team, who are also making changes to the document. Thus, it is important to know how to access previous versions of the file, how to keep or delete older versions and even upload the most recent one. FREE ACCESS


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