Signing in & Creating Presentations in Sway Windows 10

Sway Windows 10    |    Beginner
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Sway can be used to easily create and share presentations, reports, newsletters, and more. Explore Sway, and discover how to create, copy, delete, and restore presentations.


  • Find and open sway from windows 10
    Manage your sway accounts
    Navigate sway
    Create a new presentation in sway
  • Import existing powerpoint presentations to sway
    Open sway from a link
    Copy a presentation using sway
    Delete and restore a presentation in sway


  • 3m 3s
    In order to use Sway on your Windows 10 computer, you will need first to learn to locate and open the application. Here you will see how to use the start menu to find the application, and how to pin a shortcut to this menu or the Windows task bar in order to access it quickly and simply. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 20s
    If you are using a shared computer, or if you have an additional professional Sway account, you can easily move between accounts on Sway. Here you will see how to add or delete an account and how to move between users. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Navigating around the interface in Sway for Windows 10
    4m 25s
    To get the most out of Sway, you will need to be comfortable and familiar with the organization of its user interface. Discover the different elements of the interface and how to find the different tools and menus you will need. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Making a new presentation from scratch in Sway for Windows 10
    3m 12s
    If you would like to make a new Sway presentation, you will need to know how to create new cards. Get to know the different elements that are available, and when and how to use them. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Making a new presentation by importing a file in Sway for Windows 10
    2m 37s
    If you have an existing PowerPoint presentation, you can import it into your Sway session, and it will be automatically transformed into a Sway presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Opening a Sway from a link in Sway Windows 10
    2m 52s
    If you have the link to a Sway that has been shared with you, you can open it in presentation mode by using the link. If the owner of the Sway has made it publicly available, you will then be able to create a duplicate of this Sway, which will be fully editable from your account. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Copying a presentation in Sway for Windows 10
    2m 45s
    Using the Sway website, you can copy and duplicate your presentations. This is very useful if you want to work on several different versions of the same presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Deleting & restoring a presentation in Sway for Windows 10
    3m 6s
    If you no-longer want to keep a presentation, you can send it to your recycle bin. From here, you can delete the Sway permanently or restore it if you change your mind. After 30 days in the recycle bin, the Sway will be automatically deleted. FREE ACCESS


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