Signing In & Setting Up in Workplace Web

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Workplace is Facebook's enterprise solution for online collaboration and communication. Find out how to accept an invitation to use Workplace, how to set up and configure your account, and begin finding and following coworkers.


  • log into Workplace with your email account
    navigate the Workplace platform
    edit your contact information on Workplace
    add a profile picture to your Workplace account
    view a coworker's Workplace profile
    add individual contacts and contact lists to a company's Workplace account
  • follow a coworker on Workplace
    create an organizational chart on Workplace
    configure your user settings on Workplace
    configure your Workplace privacy settings
    configure the notification settings on Workplace


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    1.  Logging in to Workplace Web
    3m 43s
    In order to start using Workplace, a social network for businesses, you need to log in using your professional email address. If your employer has invited you to join Workplace, you need to activate your account via… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Using Workplace Web
    5m 11s
    Workplace is a social network created by Facebook and the platform is made up of several different categories. In order to start using Workplace, it is important to understand how to navigate the platform. You will see… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Editing your contact information in Workplace Web
    4m 17s
    When someone follows you on Workplace, they will have access to your profile, which contains various information about you, including your contact information. You can choose what information you would like to include or… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Adding a profile picture in Workplace Web
    4m 58s
    Adding a photo to your profile can help people identify you on Workplace. You'll see how to upload your profile picture and cover photo. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Viewing a coworker's profile page in Workplace Web
    4m 20s
    You can find useful information about someone on their Workplace profile page, including their contact information, groups they belong to and who they follow. You'll see how to access and view a coworker's profile. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Adding people & importing contacts in Workplace Web
    4m 14s
    If some of your coworkers are not yet on Workplace, you can add them to your network if you are an administrator of your company account. You will see how to add someone manually as well as how to import a contact list to… FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Following your coworkers on Workplace Web
    When you follow someone on Workplace, their posts appear in your News Feed, which keeps you up to date on their activity and allows you to contact your coworkers more easily. You can always unfollow someone if you change… FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Creating your organizational chart in Workplace Web
    5m 53s
    On Workplace, you can make it easier for your coworkers to find you and your team by creating an organizational chart. By adding your manager and people that you manage directly, you can create a visual hierarchical chart… FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Configuring your user settings in Workplace Web
    5m 50s
    When using Workplace, it's important that you configure your user settings to suit your needs. You will see how to configure your news feed, language and video preferences. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Configuring your privacy settings in Workplace Web
    6m 8s
    On Workplace, it's important to configure your privacy settings and be aware of who has access to what on your profile. You will see how to configure your privacy settings as well as how to use your activity log. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Configuring your notifications in Workplace Web
    5m 2s
    On Workplace, you get a notification when there is any activity regarding your posts. You can configure which notifications you want to receive on Workplace as well as via email and on your desktop. FREE ACCESS


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