Leading Effective Meetings

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No one wants to attend a dull, unproductive meeting. Here's how to make your meetings productive and successful.


Planning Meetings Fit for Purpose

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    Planning Meetings Fit for Purpose
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    Why Planning Meetings Beats Winging It


Planning Meetings Fit for Purpose
Have you ever yawned your way through a presentation or meeting, and left feeling like it was a waste of your time? Maybe the meeting wasn't relevant to you or it wasn’t presenting the information in an engaging way. Meetings are among the most expensive forms of communication, so it's essential to make the investment worthwhile. In this course, you'll discover a process for preparing effective meetings by establishing a clear purpose and objectives. With the right people and agenda, and solid prep work, you're nearly there! If you struggle to start meetings on the right note, this course can help you get the most out of them, saving you valuable time.
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Running Meetings in Better Directions
Have you ever attended a meeting or presentation that left you feeling frustrated? Despite their reputation for sometimes wasting time, meetings remain one of the most effective tools for sharing information, presenting ideas, and making decisions – if facilitated well. Meetings can be very productive; many issues can be resolved, and participants can feel grateful they attended. In this course, you’ll learn how to kick off meetings and how to ensure maximum participation and buy-in. Then you'll be introduced to what to do when meetings go off track, when to intervene, and how to deal with productivity problems. You'll also learn how to close and follow up on a meeting.
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Expert Insights on Leading Effective Meetings
Are you resigned to endless, boring, and ineffective meetings? Don’t be! Put some worth back into meetings by streamlining agendas, using breakout groups for brainstorming, prepping, and—most of all—setting time limits.
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Meetings That Get Results
Based on years of experience consulting for companies around the world, author Brian Tracy reveals simple, proven ideas you can use to make meetings shorter, more effective, and more satisfying to everyone in attendance.
Book Duration 1h 15m Book Authors By Brian Tracy


The Art and Power of Facilitation: Running Powerful Meetings
Arming business analysts with principles, practices, and tools for effective facilitation and meeting management, this book provides powerful tools to negotiate meetings, informal work sessions, and formal workshops.
Book Duration 1h 16m Book Authors By Alice Zavala, Kathleen B. Hass


Interact and Engage! 50+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars
Containing more than 50 activities ranging from openers and icebreakers to closers, this book will show you how to break the mold of static lecture-style online training that drives participants to multitask - or worse - tune out.
Book Duration 3h 5m Book Authors By Kassy Laborie, Tom Stone


Meeting Excellence: 33 Tools to Lead Meetings That Get Results
Based on years of research, this important book offers the information and tools needed to prepare, facilitate, and follow up on all your meetings.
Book Duration 2h 45m Book Authors By Glenn Parker, Robert Hoffman


Talk Lean: Shorter Meetings. Quicker Results. Better Relations.
Offering numerous techniques for improving communication and making an impact professionally, this book uses fresh approach to teach businesspeople how to say difficult things and ask difficult questions in a way that is positive, effective, and comfortable for everyone involved.
Book Duration 2h 38m Book Authors By Alan H. Palmer


How to Conduct Productive Meetings: Strategies, Tips, and Tools to Ensure Your Next Meeting is Well Planned and Effective
Including more than 130 “do’s” and “don’ts” of meetings, this book offers solid advice to ensure that a meeting is necessary, the presentation is professional and effective, the participants contribute in constructive ways and the outcome is measurable.
Book Duration 2h 4m Book Authors By Donald L. Kirkpatrick


Let's Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done
Using the same principles that make video games so engaging and that transformed the numbing assembly line into the dynamic shop floor, this book outlines a flexible and adaptable system used to run truly productive meetings in all kinds of organizations—meetings where people create concrete plans, accomplish tasks, build connections, and move projects forward.
Book Duration 1h 37m Book Authors By Dick Axelrod, Emily Axelrod