Signing in & Setting Up SharePoint 2016

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Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful collaboration and document management tool. Discover how to sign in for the first time, edit your profile, work with the app launcher, find information, view other profiles, and edit SharePoint themes.


  • Sign into to sharepoint
    Use the office 365 home page
    Learn all about sharepoint
    Edit your sharepoint profile and password
    Use the app launcher in office 365
  • Find information in sharepoint
    View a colleague's profile in sharepoint
    Edit your sharepoint theme
    Adjust your regional settings in sharepoint


  • 3m 36s
    In order to begin using SharePoint, you will need your login information. See how to login, view your account and how to securely log out of your SharePoint account. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 9s
    When you login to your Office 365 account, you have access to the Office 365 home page. From the home page you can access all your Office 365 applications as well as view and manage your recently accessed documents. See how to get around and become familiar with the Office 365 home page. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Getting to know SharePoint 2016
    5m 14s
    Before getting started with SharePoint, you will need to understand the interface layout. Once you have signed in, you can open all the key SharePoint components - including the newsfeed, your tasks, and your SharePoint sites page from the applications menu. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Editing your profile & password in SharePoint 2016
    5m 25s
    Your SharePoint profile is used to help people know a little more about you. You can use it to share information - such as your interests, your specialization, and even the projects that you have worked on previously - with other members of your company network. You can also use the SharePoint settings to edit your password. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Using the app launcher in SharePoint 2016
    3m 46s
    From your Office 365 interface you can access your SharePoint components via the newly updated app launcher. See how to find, customize and use the app launcher from the web interface. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Finding information in SharePoint 2016
    5m 58s
    The SharePoint search engine can be used to return a huge amount of information taken from all the different components and areas on the platform. Launching a standard search will return not only documents that contain your search term, but also corresponding user profiles, conversations and even uploaded videos. Once your search has finished, you can filter your results using the refine tools. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Viewing a colleague's profile in SharePoint 2016
    3m 12s
    Your colleagues' profiles can be accessed via the SharePoint newsfeed. This is particularly useful if you are following a conversation with another individual and you want to find out more information about that person. Your colleague's profile includes their newsfeed activity as well as any documents that they have shared, blog posts that they have published, and even their specialist areas of expertise. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Editing your SharePoint 2016 theme
    1m 57s
    SharePoint features a number of different themes that can be used to change the appearance of your Office 365 theme. See how to access and easily apply a new look to your SharePoint experience. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Adjusting regional settings in SharePoint 2016
    5m 29s
    If your company or team features people of different nationalities or based in different locations, you can adjust your team site's regional settings. You can, for example, allow users to display a SharePoint site in a language other than the one specified by default. You can also adjust your own personal regional settings, such as the time zone, date format, and even the length of your work week. FREE ACCESS


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