Storytelling with Data: Tableau & Power BI

Data Visualization    |    Intermediate
  • 14 videos | 56m 2s
  • Includes Assessment
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To convey the true meaning of data most effectively, data scientists and data management professionals need to be able to harness the capabilities of different approaches of storytelling with data. This 14-video course explores how to select the most effective visuals for a storytelling project, how to eliminate clutter, and how to choose the best practices for story design. In addition, learners will see demonstrations of how to work with Tableau and Power BI bar charts to facilitate storytelling with data. Learn to select appropriate visuals for your data storytelling project; how to use slopegraphs; and learn important steps to take in cluttering and de-cluttering data. Explore the gestalt principle, as well as common problems of visual story design. In the concluding exercise, learners will load data by using Power BI from a CSV file; create a bar chart by using the data; and create a pie chart to show the whole-part relation in the data.


  • list the important approaches and criteria involved in selecting effective visuals for data storytelling
    define the concept of slopegraphs and list the essential capabilities and relevance of slopegraphs
    demonstrate how to implement different types of bar charts using PowerBI
    define the concept of clutters and how to identify and eliminate clutters
    describe the Gestalt principles of visual perception
    recall the prominent best practices of story design
    list the prominent tools that we can use to facilitate storytelling with data
  • recall the various essential decluttering steps and approaches that we can implement to eliminate clutters
    demonstrate how to craft visual data using Tableau
    recognize the concerns associated with visual designs from the perspective of storytelling
    illustrate the essential building blocks of PowerBI that we can use to facilitate storytelling with data
    create a model visual using Tableau
    load data from a CSV file using PowerBI, create a bar chart using data, and create a pie chart to compare parts of a whole data set



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