Using contact tools in Outlook Microsoft 365

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Outlook 365 makes it easier to keep track of people you connect with. In this course, you are going to see how to add, import, export and categorize contacts. You are also going to see how to create and manage groups, as well as how to configure your address book.


  • discover the key concepts covered in the Outlook Microsoft 365: Using contact tools
    use the Outlook address book
    add a contact to Outlook
    import, export, and share contacts
    create a contact group
    create and use a Microsoft 365 group
  • manage Microsoft 365 groups
    organize contacts in Outlook
    organize contacts into categories
    print contacts and save them as a PDF
    configure the address book settings


  • 31s
    This video outlines the key content covered in the Using contact tools course, including adding a contact, creating & using a Microsoft 365 group, and categorizing your contacts. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 2s
    If you want to get the most out of your address book in Outlook, you will need to know how to use the People component correctly. Your contacts are ordered alphabetically and can be quickly located by browsing by letter. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Adding a contact in Outlook Microsoft 365
    5m 7s
    In Outlook, you can use the address book to store contact details. This can also speed up your communication with your contacts. You can add new contact entries to your address book in a number of different ways. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Importing, exporting & sharing contacts in Outlook Microsoft 365
    5m 41s
    You can easily import, export, and share your contacts in Outlook. See how to share contacts, how to import vCard's into your contact list, as well as how to export your own contacts list. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a contact group in Outlook Microsoft 365
    3m 14s
    If you have a lot of contacts in your address book, you may find it useful to organize them into groups. It is possible to write an email to an entire group of contacts by using Outlook's contact group feature. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating & using a Microsoft 365 group in Outlook Microsoft 365
    4m 40s
    Outlook allows you to create a work group via Microsoft 365, allowing you to collaborate directly with other group members. Share, comment, and communicate with your group members from your inbox. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managing your Microsoft 365 groups in Outlook Microsoft 365
    5m 40s
    Once you've created or joined a Microsoft 365 group, you will be able to interact and manage your group. See how to edit, subscribe to, and add groups to favorites, as well as leave groups you no longer want to be a part of, in Outlook. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Organizing your contacts in Outlook Microsoft 365
    3m 44s
    In Outlook, you can place your contact entries into different folders, allowing you to categorize and organize them. You can, for example, create a folder for all your professional contacts. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Categorizing your contacts in Outlook Microsoft 365
    4m 56s
    If you want to differentiate between contact entries in your Outlook address book, you can apply categories to them. These categories take the form of differently colored labels, which can be customized and modified as you see fit. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Printing your contacts & saving as a PDF in Outlook Microsoft 365
    2m 47s
    If you need a hard copy of a contact entry that you have stored in Outlook, you can use the print function. You can change the print options, adjust how your contact entries appear on the page, and even add headers and footers. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Configuring your address book in Outlook Microsoft 365
    5m 24s
    The way in which you visualize the contact entries in Outlook can be customized. You can decide on the fields that are displayed, thereby ensuring that you see the information that matters to you. FREE ACCESS


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