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Explore the available tools to get the most out of a Webex meeting. Learn how to share files, applications, and your desktop, work with one or multiple whiteboards, create recordings, and view meeting reports and logs.


  • record a Webex conference
    save data from a Webex meeting
    use the Webex whiteboard
    create a document with the Webex whiteboard
    manage multiple Webex whiteboards
    save a Webex whiteboard
    create a poll in Webex
  • open and edit a poll in Webex
    participate in a poll in Webex
    exchange files in Webex
    share your screen in Webex
    share websites and control of your screen in Webex
    consult and export reports in Webex
    manage your files and folders in Webex


  • 7m 12s
    Once you have started your Webex meeting, you will be able to record it. In this video, you'll see how to start recording your meeting, how to manage it and find it once you've finished the recording. You can also choose to delete recorded meetings that you no longer need, FREE ACCESS
  • 2m 51s
    When your Webex meeting is over, you can save shared documents such as notes, polls and your chat. You can then save a copy to your computer and print them if you want a hard copy. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using the whiteboard in Webex Meetings Web
    5m 17s
    During a Webex meeting, you can create documents using the Whiteboard feature. In this video, you will see how to open new Whiteboards, discover the Whiteboard interface and manage the different Whiteboards you've opened. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating a document with the whiteboard in Webex Meetings Web
    5m 54s
    Webex allows you to brainstorm ideas, draw and add notes to virtual Whiteboards to be able to collaborate with other participants about the subject of your meeting In this video, you'll learn how to use the different annotation tools, characters, and colors to get the most out of the Whiteboard feature. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Managing multiple whiteboards in Webex Meetings Web
    6m 25s
    Webex allows you the modify the display of any whiteboard you are working on, to make it easier to talk about the document. For example, you can use the zoom tools or the full-screen mode. you can also synchronize the pages of your whiteboard for participants and automatically advance pages to you know your participants are all on the same page of your whiteboard. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Saving a whiteboard in Webex Meetings Web
    3m 42s
    Having created a whiteboard and added certain annotations to it you can save a copy of it which you can refer to later. You also have the options of printing one of your whiteboards if you want a hard copy. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Creating a poll in Webex Meetings Web
    4m 48s
    Webex allows you to create polls to be able to ask participants of your meetings to take part in and answer your questions. In this video, you'll see how to create a poll and close it once it's finished. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Opening & editing a poll in Webex Meetings Web
    4m 14s
    You can open polls you've saved in your Webex meeting room to edit them and add or remove different options such as how long you give participants to respond. Once you've finished editing a poll you can open it, save it and share the results with your meeting's attendees. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Participating in a poll in Webex Meetings Web
    2m 10s
    If the presenter of a Webex meeting opens a poll you can take part in it by answering the different questions and submit your answers. Once the poll has finished and the presenter has shared the results you can consult them during the meeting. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Exchanging files in Webex Meetings Web
    5m 53s
    Webex lets you share files with your meeting's participants quickly and easily. You also have the option of using the multimedia viewer to share a website or blog, for example. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Sharing your screen in Webex Meetings Web
    4m 36s
    Sharing your screen is a great way to discuss, demonstrate or present information or actions with all the attendees of your Webex meeting. In this video, you'll see how to open the share-screen mode, and discover the share screen interface. You can also let another participant take remote control of your screen if necessary. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Sharing websites & control of your screen in Webex Meetings Web
    4m 18s
    Sharing your screen during a Webex meeting can be particularly useful if you want to demonstrate something or talk about a document or website open on your computer. You can then annotate the document. In this video, you'll see how to start sharing your screen and navigate the share screen mode. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Consulting & exporting reports in Webex Meetings Web
    5m 32s
    Webex keeps a record of different information about your meetings in the form of reports. You can find information such as the meetings' participants, duration and date and reports on any meeting recordings. You can consult these reports and export them to have a copy on your computer. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Managing your files & folders in Webex Meetings Web
    6m 4s
    Webex lets you save the documents that your colleagues have transferred to you via the meeting room. The website stores the documents you add in a root folder. You can then create folders and subfolders to better organize your files. Files can also be renamed or deleted. FREE ACCESS


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