Using Sharing & Collaboration Tools in Word 2016 for Windows

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Collaboration is made easy in Word 2016 for Windows. Share your document via email, upload your document to your OneDrive storage space, and use the comment and change tracking tools to keep on top of any modifications made to your files.


  • Sending your document via email
    Sharing a document with OneDrive
    Tracking changes in a document
    Comparing two documents
    Merging multiple documents
  • Collaborating on a document
    Annotating a document
    Inserting a comment
    Publishing your document online
    Publishing your document on a blog


  • 2m 13s
    If you want to send your document to a colleague, you can use the Word 2016 integrated email function. This tool automatically creates a new email in your default email client and adds your document as an attachment. You can even specify the file format that you want to send. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 17s
    OneDrive is a Microsoft service which will allow you to save a document online so you can access if simply and efficiently anywhere you have an internet connection. This service can be accessed and used directly through Word 2016. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Tracking changes in a document in Word 2016 for Windows
    When there are lots of individuals working on the same shared document, it is vital that you can all keep track of the changes that have been made. In Word 2016, you can use the track changes tool to make sure that any changes that are made are highlighted in the document. These changes can then be viewed, accepted and rejected on an individual basis. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Comparing two documents in Word 2016 for Windows
    7m 24s
    If you have multiple versions of a document, you can use the compare function in Word 2016 to visualize exactly how your two files differ. If the track changes mode has not been used, then the compare function is a good way of revising your final version. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Merging multiple documents in Word 2016 for Windows
    7m 7s
    If you have multiple versions of a particular document and you want to create a definitive version, you can use Word 2016's compare and combine tools. These tools allow you to merge the two versions that you have created and decide exactly how the different modifications are integrated. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Collaborating on a document in Word 2016 for Windows
    4m 39s
    Once you have shared a Word 2016 document with a collaborator, you will be able to work simultaneously on it, with updates made in real time. Any changes made by others will be highlighted in your document so that you can easily identify them. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Annotating a document in Word 2016 for Windows
    5m 24s
    Word 2016 provides you with the tools to annotate your documents. These tools, such as the pen and the highlighter, allow you to emphasize certain important elements in your document and even add notes to them. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Inserting a comment in Word 2016 for Windows
    3m 25s
    If there are multiple individuals working on your document, you may find the comment tool a useful way of collaborating and coordinating your additions and modifications. You can use the comment tool to leave notes or questions attached to particular text passages or images in your Word 2016 document. These comments can be visualized by every user with access to the shared document. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Publishing your document online in Word 2016 for Windows
    3m 34s
    If you want to publish your document online as part of your website, you can easily convert it to HTML or MHTML format, which will allow you to do this. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Publishing your document on a blog in Word 2016 for Windows
    5m 27s
    If you run your own blog, you can link it to Word 2016 and quickly put it online. All you need to do is sign in using your blog credentials (for SharePoint, WordPress or Blogger, for example) and use the publishing tools to prepare your blog post. FREE ACCESS


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