Using the Meeting Tools in for Windows for Windows    |    Beginner
  • 11 videos | 46m 57s offers a range of tools for collaborating with others once in a meeting. Learn how to use the communication and annotation tools, share documents, applications, or your screen, and create recordings of everything covered in your meeting.


  • Use different audio options in
    Use the chat feature
    Start a video conference on
    Share your screen during a meeting
    Grant control to a meeting participant on
    Use animation tools
  • Take a snapshot during a meeting
    Send a file during a meeting
    Manage participant audio during a meeting
    Record a meeting
    Manage your meeting recordings


  • 5m 9s
    In a meeting, you have a couple different options when it comes to how you want to use audio. You can either activate your computer audio or call by phone. You will see how to use these options as well as how to check your audio and conference settings. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 43s
    During your meetings, you can send messages to all meeting participants or to each individual privately and participants can also send you messages privately. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Starting a video conference in for Windows
    4m 35s
    In, you can start video conferences with meeting participants by using your webcam. You will see how to activate your webcam, configure your video settings and start a video conference with other meeting participants. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sharing your screen in for Windows
    4m 26s
    If you would like to present a slideshow or show other files during a meeting on, you can share your screen with the other participants. You can choose to share your entire screen or just one window. You can also choose if you want screen sharing to start automatically or not when you start a meeting. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Granting control to a meeting participant in for Windows
    5m 19s
    When you start a meeting with, you are automatically the meeting presenter and can share your screen. If other meeting participants have something to present, you can grant them control of your mouse so they can open or show different files. You can also pass your presenter role to someone else so they can share their screen and present something to the group during the meeting. You can always reclaim the presenter role at any time since you were the original presenter and started the meeting. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Using the annotation tools in for Windows
    4m 51s
    In a meeting, you can annotate the documents that you share via screen sharing. You can also allow others to annotate and can annotate as a viewer if you choose to pass your presenter role to someone else. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Taking a snapshot in for Windows
    2m 43s
    In order to keep a copy of any annotations made on documents shared in a meeting, you can take snapshots. These snapshots are saved in a folder on your computer which you can locate easily and manage to your liking. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Sending a file in for Windows
    2m 52s
    When in a meeting on, you can send and receive files from meeting participants. You will see how to send a file to someone as well as receive and save a file on your computer. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Managing participants' audio in for Windows
    5m 4s
    As a meeting organizer, you have control over who can be heard during your meeting. You can mute and unmute a participant's microphone as long as the person has activated their computer audio. You can also configure your conference settings to set your default audio preferences. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Recording a meeting in for Windows
    3m 49s
    If you want to create a copy of certain meetings on so you can refer to them at any time, you can record them. You will see how to record your meetings and locate your recordings as well as how to open and watch a recorded meeting. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Managing your recordings in for Windows
    4m 26s
    After recording your meetings on, you can manage them via the web app. You will see how to rename, download, share and delete your recorded meetings. FREE ACCESS