Using the Photo Tools in Workplace Web

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Workplace makes it easy to share photos with your coworkers. Discover how to work with photos, including how to create and manage photo albums, add information and tags to photos, and share your photos and photo albums.


  • Create a workplace photo album
    Manage your workplace photo albums
    Manage your workplace photo information
  • Edit your photos before posting them to workplace
    Tag coworkers in your workplace photos
    Share your workplace photos


  • 5m 19s
    On Workplace, you can publish your photos in an album on your profile page. You will see how to access your albums and create a new photo album. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 8s
    Once you start creating albums on Workplace, you can manage them to your liking. You will see how to access your different photo albums and manage the photos individually as well as the album as a whole. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing your photo information in Workplace Web
    5m 9s
    When you post photos on Workplace, whether they be in an album or not, you can always add certain information about the photo like a description or location. You can also tag people in your photos and make a certain photo a featured photo, an album cover or your profile or cover photo. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Editing your photos before posting them in Workplace Web
    6m 9s
    On Workplace, you can upload photos and edit them before even posting them on your wall or a coworker's wall. You will see how to quickly upload a photo and will see how to use all the editing choices available before publishing your photos on Workplace. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Tagging coworkers in your photos in Workplace Web
    You can tag your coworkers in your photos on Workplace several different ways. You will see how to tag someone when uploading a photo and after the photo has been posted, as well as how to find and manage your tags. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Sharing photos in Workplace Web
    4m 51s
    On Workplace, you can easily share your photos with your coworkers. You will see how to share a photo and a photo album via a private message as well as how to download a photo to your computer in order to share it via email or other sharing platform. FREE ACCESS


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