Using the Storage Tools in Box Web

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Use Box to efficiently work with your files and documents. Explore viewing and creating documents, importing files or folders, and copying and syncing files to your device.


  • Open files with your box account
    Create a document with your box account
    Create notes in your box account
    Use the box notes tool in your box account
    Upload files and folders to your box account storage space
  • Copy documents to your hard drive from your box account
    Manage multimedia files in your box account
    Sync desktop and box files
    View and edit a synced file on your computer with box sync
    View a file's version history on box


  • 5m 27s
    From your Box account, you can open any documents that you've saved to the site. You can browse through your folders, and open your documents using the preview option or using its designated online service like Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 24s
    With your Box account, you can quickly create and store your files in the same location. You will see how to a create new documents, how to edit your documents and how to delete files that you no longer need. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating a Box Web Note
    5m 20s
    With Box, you can create quick notes directly in the application so that you do not have to leave the application and use a different service. You will see how to create a new Box note, how to format it and how to rename or delete your notes. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using Box Web Notes
    5m 9s
    Box Notes is a note-taking tool that you can use directly on the Box platform. In Box Notes, you can take notes, share and comment on your notes and even mark notes as favorites. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Uploading files or folders in Box Web
    3m 5s
    You can use Box to store files and folders on the cloud. You will see how to upload different types of files as well as folders to your Box storage space. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Copying your documents onto your hard drive in Box Web
    2m 59s
    You may find it useful to create a back-up copy of certain files you've saved on Box. You can do this by copying these files onto your hard drive. Not only will you have a back-up, but you'll have a document you can edit while offline. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managing your multimedia files in Box Web
    6m 8s
    You can view your multimedia files directly on the Box platform. You can also upload multiple multimedia files at once and organize them easily by using folders. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Syncing files in Box Web
    5m 18s
    You can install Box Sync on your desktop in order to have offline access to your files stored on Box. If you make any changes in the desktop version, these changes will be updated on You can also sync content via once you have installed the app on your computer. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Viewing & editing a synced file on your computer in Box Web
    4m 14s
    Box Sync is an app that allows you to sync your online files to a folder on your desktop so that you can access your files offline. Once you make changes to any files stored in this sync folder, the files will be synced automatically and the changes will be applied to your files stored on FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Viewing a file's version history in Box Web
    4m 26s
    Each time you modify a document, a new version will be created. Box keeps track of each version so that you can view each one and restore a certain version if needed. For each version, you can download or remove it and you can choose which version you want to be the current version. FREE ACCESS


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