Visme: Designing a Presentation

Visme 2021    |    Beginner
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A presentation often requires powerful graphic elements in order to convey information effectively. Visme's versatile design elements can help you create an engaging and visually impactful presentation. In this course, you'll explore how to work with Visme's design elements and configurations to create a visually striking presentation. You'll begin by recognizing how to create a presentation from an existing template and modify it to suit a specific visual theme. You'll then examine how to configure presentation backgrounds by formatting text and icons, incorporating layers, and using a grid to align different elements. You'll also work with a map chart to highlight specific countries in the world that are relevant to your presentation. Finally, you'll discover how to collaborate with another Visme user by sharing your project.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    design a basic presentation from a template and explore how to configure a background image
    recognize how to format design elements such as icons and text in a presentation
  • define the theme for a map chart and use it to highlight specific countries
    collaborate with a teammate on a Visme project by sharing it
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 2m 42s
    In this video, you’ll learn more about your instructor and the course. In this course, you’ll learn to build a presentation conveying useful details for an adventure seeker. You’ll learn to make use of design elements and configurations. You’ll create a presentation from an existing Visme template and make modifications to it. You’ll also learn to include a map chart. Finally, you’ll cover how to collaborate by sharing projects with other Visme users. FREE ACCESS
  • 12m 45s
    In this video, you’ll learn more about presentations in Visme. You’ll get started by creating a new project. This will be a presentation. You’ll use a built-in template for this. You’ll scroll through and choose the one called Highlight. You’ll edit this template, creating a presentation in the form of a new project. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Formatting Icons and Text in Visme
    9m 57s
    In this video, you’ll continue on from the last demo. You’ll continue building on the presentation you’ve created. Now, you’ll fill in the details using the existing text elements. First, you’ll rename the header and the subtitle. Next, you’ll paste in the details in the bottom-most text element. You’ll add in your information in the form of bullet points. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using Visme's Map Chart
    11m 11s
    In this video, you’ll continue on from the last demo. You’ll continue exploring Visme's features and learn to include some additional information within your presentation. Next, you’ll add a new slide. You’ll select a blank slide, and then set a background color. You’ll choose a shade of gray. Next, you’ll paste in a title for the slide and add a short body of text. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Sharing a Visme Project
    10m 47s
    In this video, you’ll continue on from the last demo. You’ll now put together the final pieces of your Visme presentation. This includes adding a video. You’ll also learn how to share a presentation with another user. First, you’ll continue formatting your background image. You’ll head to the Filter section and apply a black color for the Color Overlay. Then, you’ll learn to animate the background. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Course Summary
    1m 44s
    In this video, you’ll summarize what you learned in this course. You designed a presentation, making use of design elements and configurations. You created a presentation from an existing Visme template and made modifications to it. You explored the configurations available for presentation backgrounds. You also included a map chart. Finally, you learned how to collaborate with someone by sharing your project with another Visme user. FREE ACCESS


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