Visme: Introduction

Visme 2021    |    Beginner
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Visme is a visualization tool that facilitates data delivery by transforming content into visually appealing formats like infographics and presentations. In this course, you'll achieve a broad overview of Visme's capabilities and use cases. You'll begin by identifying how to create different types of visuals in Visme using templates for concise infographics, social media posts, as well as detailed reports. Moving on, you'll examine how to work with some of these visuals and start by building an infographic. You'll then recognize how to incorporate design elements such as icons, shapes, images, and text within visuals to enhance their appearance. Finally, you'll investigate how to include a video within a visual and make your project stand out by animating various elements of your visuals.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Recall use cases for different types of visme projects
    Recognize visme's design features when designing social media infographics
    Configure elements such as text and icons to create an infographic
    Identify how to include and configure design elements such as shapes and text within visme presentations
  • Outline how to add a background image to an infographic, configure its opacity, and determine its level among the layers of other elements
    Build a poster by creating a visual containing a video
    Define animations like movements and timing for different design elements in a poster
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 2m 11s
    In this video, you’ll learn more about your instructor and the course. In this course, you’ll gain a broad overview of what Visme has to offer. You’ll learn about the different types of visuals available in Visme, from templates to more detailed reports. You’ll then build some of these visuals, starting with an infographic. You’ll cover design elements that can enhance the appearance of visuals in Visme, from text and icons to shapes and images. FREE ACCESS
  • 11m 12s
    In this video, you’ll learn more about getting started with Visme. Visme allows you to combine data analysis skills with presentation skills and basic design abilities. The ultimate goal of Visme is to produce reports or presentations that convey meaningful insights based on data in a manner that’s easy on the eye. To use Visme you just need to navigate to There’s nothing to download. It is entirely in the cloud. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Exploring Visme Templates for Social Media Posts
    3m 45s
    In this video, you’ll learn more about the different types of projects you can create in Visme. In this video, you’ll follow a demo. You’ll first navigate to Social Graphics, where you’ll find graphics you can use on social media platforms. You’ll see the icons at the top that show you the graphics you can create and share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. You’ll learn how to create graphics for Facebook. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Building an Infographic in Visme
    12m 58s
    In this video, you’ll learn to build infographics in Visme. The term infographic refers to any form of visualization where information is presented using a variety of different graphics. In Visme, this also refers to a specific type of project and that’s what you’ll learn in this demo. You’ll head to the homepage of your Visme account and head to the My Projects pane. There are currently no projects listed, but you’ll create one now. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Configuring Shapes and Text in Visme Presentations
    9m 26s
    In this video, you’ll learn to configure texts and shapes in Visme. In this demo, you’ll make use of a horizontal line graphic that extends from one of the circular markers you’ve added over to the text elements. After the line appears, you’ll see it spans the width of the page. Next, you’ll resize it and then drag and align it with the top marker. Then, you’ll add in a text element.   FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Adding a Background Image to a Visme Infographic
    11m 51s
    In this video, you’ll learn to add background images to Visme infographics. Picking up where you left off in the last demo, you’ve created most of the graphical elements in your timeline. This means you have the central spine of the timeline, and all the lines and circles extend from this spine. All of these events are related to and add details to your timeline. Now, you’ll begin adding bodies of text. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Adding a Video to a Visme Project
    11m 11s
    In this video, you’ll learn to add videos to your Visme projects. You’ll pick up where you left off in the last demo. First, you’ll navigate to the main Visme page to your account. You’ll find the infographic you created is listed under My Projects. Now, you’ll move on a project that contains a video. To do that, you’ll choose the Create New button. This will give you the option to create a New Project. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Animating Visme Elements
    12m 55s
    In this video, you’ll learn to add animation elements in Visme. In this demo you’ll complete the promotional poster you started in the last demo. Next, you’ll add in a new shape. Within the shape, you’ll include a text element containing further information. You’ll scroll down to the bottom of the Shapes menu. From there, you'll observe and choose from a number shapes representing streaks of paint. Drag it to the bottom of your poster. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Course Summary
    1m 11s
    In this video, you’ll summarize what you’ve learned in the course. You’ve learned the different types of visuals available in Visme. You discovered templates for infographics, social media posts, and more detailed reports. You then learned to build visuals starting with infographics. You also covered design elements that can be added to enhance the appearance of a visual in Visme from text and icons to shapes and images. FREE ACCESS


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