Wireless Technologies and Smart Cities

  • 18 Videos | 2h 1m 13s
  • Includes Assessment
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Learn about emerging wireless technologies that you can use for the Internet of Things. Then find out how to look at a city as a cyber-physical system


  • Understand indoor localization
    Know how to apply the algorithm from the previous video to RFID
    Understand smart homes
    Know more about smart homes
    Understand how the technology works for smart health
    Understand how the sensors work with a moving person vs. a static person
    Understand what the professor means by looking at a city as a cyber-physical system
    Understand what Big Data is
    Understand opportunistic data
  • Understand user-generated data
    Understand the data gathered from deploying sensors
    Understand how to combine all of this data from different sources
    Understand how to use this information in order to transform a city
    Describe how this knowledge about cities could be applied to buildings
    Understand where IoT can go from here
    Describe the predictions for the future given
    Understand how to implement lessons learned in your life
    Understand how to implement these lessons on a product basis