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Creating React and Redux Web Apps

  • 10 Courses | 7h 18m 43s
  • 19 Labs | 19h
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Build powerful interactive web applications with React, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. When a React application scales and becomes more complex, you can use Redux, the most commonly used state-management library to maintain state. React and Redux will allow you to create scalable and complex front-end applications. In this Journey, you will begin by exploring the basics of React by writing JSX and creating React components. In the second track, you'll learn how to add more functionality to your React apps by making components interact with Hooks, collecting user data with forms, and applying styles. In the last track, you'll learn to centralize the React application's state and logic using Redux.

Track 1: Introduction to React

In this track of the Creating React and Redux Web Apps Aspire Journey, the focus will be on React basics, JSX syntax, and creating React components.

  • 6 Courses | 3h 56m 51s
  • 2 Labs | 2h

Track 2: Intermediate React

In this track of the Creating React and Redux Web Apps Aspire Journey, the focus will be on making React components interact using Props and Hooks, React programming patterns, React Router, and testing React applications using Jest.

  • 3 Courses | 2h 13m 6s
  • 11 Labs | 11h

Track 3: Redux

In this track of the Creating React and Redux Web Apps Aspire Journey, the focus will be on Redux basics, the core Redux API, React Redux, Redux Toolkit, and Redux middleware and Promise lifecycle actions.

  • 1 Course | 1h 8m 46s
  • 6 Labs | 6h


Reactive Programming Using Redux
Discover Reactive programming concepts using React, and explore React debugging concepts and components. This course explores Reactive programming features, challenges, and capabilities. You'll begin by seeing how React works with JavasScript enhancements. Next, walk through Node.js features and concepts. Setup React with NPM, Babel, and Webpacks. Learn to use Babel to transpile JavaScript. Watch how to create a React application. Trace the anatomy of a React project. Run and debug a React application. Identify the various types of React components and their roles to build React applications. Conclude by observing how to work with props to manage data.
13 videos | 1h 26m has Assessment available Badge
Build Apps Using React: Local Machine & Online Playgrounds
Learners can explore basics of working with React components, including rendering elements, smart rendering, and building simple and multiple components, in this 17-video course. Discover how to prototype react applications by using online playgrounds, including CodePen, CodeSandbox, and Glitch. Begin by observing how to install NodeJS libraries and the npm package manager on MacOS and on Windows. Run http-server on the local machine to serve web pages, and use ReactDOM.render() to render elements. Learn how to recognize smart rendering of elements in React; build simple components using ES6 classes; and build multiple components using ES6 classes. Discover how to implement a simple application on CodePen; configure the Babel preprocessor on CodePen; and build a simple React prototype on CodePen. Next, take a look at CodeSandbox and Glitch Online Playgrounds, and how to prototype a simple React application on both CodeSandbox and Glitch. Learn how to install and use create-react-app utilities on the local machine; create function components; and how to compose multiple simple components to create a complex component.
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Build Apps Using React: In Development & Production
Learners will discover how to build React applications working in the development and the production environments, in this 12-video course. Examine how to add state to an application and add and delete comments; explore React Develop Tools and their use, along with several other topics. Begin by setting up a simple application in the create-react-app environment, which will download and install several NodeJS packages using npm, and then move on to adding state within the application. Learn how to wire up event handlers to add new comments, and also wire up event handlers to delete comments. Discover how to install and work with React Developer Tools, and use these tools to explore the component tree. Also learn how to use React Developer Tools to profile applications. Next, examine how to create a production build with minified files and static assets; explore the different files generated in a production build, and how to serve the application in a production build.
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Build and Test SPA Using React & Redux
Discover how to build and test single-page applications using Redux and React, and examine various testing frameworks that are used to test applications. In this course, you will study these key areas, and learn about client-side and server-side validation, and single-page application (SPA) concepts. For example, you will see how to create an SPA with the React Router. Next, fine tune Redux applications, and use React.js to test components. From there, you will explore Jest testing framework features and operation. Other topics include learning to use Jest to test React applications; and studying best practices to test React and Redux applications. Finally, you will watch how to use Node.js to deploy React and Redux-based applications.
12 videos | 1h 8m has Assessment available Badge


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