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Executive Assistant Journey

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  • 7 Audiobooks | 2h 1m 44s
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Executive Assistants are responsible for providing administrative support for executives or officers, and can help with scheduling meetings, preparing presentations, and providing information and staff communications. They must possess incredible communication and organizational skills, and exceptional Business Etiquette & Professionalism. Learn more about the skills and competencies required by Executive Assistants. This Journey is based on real-time market information from Lightcast and focuses on the role of the Executive Assistant within organizations.

Administrative Support

Whether you're an office administrator, an office assistant, a personal assistant, or an administrative assistant, to achieve professional success and enhance the value of your role, you need to optimize your knowledge of administrator essentials. 

  • 4 Courses | 1h 9m 45s
  • 1 Book | 10m
  • 1 Audiobook | 13m 19s

Communication Skills

Does your job require you to communicate critical information to c-suite executives, such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)? Perhaps you have opportunities to influence executive decision making, but don't know how best to deliver your message. In order to make the most of your communication with senior executives, you need to be prepared.

  • 7 Courses | 2h 6m 42s
  • 1 Book | 11m
  • 1 Audiobook | 21m 46s

Organizational Skills

If you want to manage your schedule and make your time count, you have to be organized.

  • 5 Courses | 1h 26m 37s
  • 1 Book | 10m
  • 1 Audiobook | 12m 16s

Scheduling Planning

Too much to do and too little time? Everything is urgent? Modern technology means our employers can reach us 24/7, so schedule management and goal setting are more important than ever.

  • 5 Courses | 2h 39m 19s
  • 1 Book | 13m
  • 1 Audiobook | 23m 22s

Problem Solving

Solving problems requires strategic thinking. You need to ask the right people the right questions to get to the source of the issue and find the solution.

  • 6 Courses | 1h 47m 13s
  • 1 Book | 9m
  • 1 Audiobook | 19m 6s

Basic Finance

Finance and accounting are at the heart of every business. Even if your role isn't directly related to finance, your activities may still have financial implications.

  • 6 Courses | 2h 24m 34s
  • 1 Book | 9m
  • 1 Audiobook | 21m 21s

Business Etiquette & Professionalism

Business etiquette isn’t just about getting and doing things right, it’s about sending a message of professionalism and respect to superiors, fellow team members, and clients.

  • 5 Courses | 1h 47m 9s
  • 1 Book | 9m
  • 1 Audiobook | 10m 34s


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