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Introduction to Nmap with Video Support

  • 7 Courses | 8h 6m 5s
  • 6 Labs | 6h
Network scanning is essential for cybersecurity professionals to identify any malicious activities and vulnerabilities and gain a better understanding of their network. With the popular ethical hacking tool, Nmap, cybersecurity professionals can efficiently perform network discovery and security auditing. In this Aspire Journey, you will combine interactive and video learning to explore the tools (Command Line, Bash, and Lua) needed to use Nmap efficiently. Lastly, you will explore how to scan systems with Nmap.

Track 1: Learn the Command Line

In this Track of the Nmap Basic Skillsoft Aspire Journey, the focus will be on Bash Scripting. When you have a command or set of commands that you will be using frequently, you can write a script in Bash to perform it. This is helpful in using Nmap effectively as you can create your own scripts to automate Nmap's abilities.

  • 1 Lab | 1h

Track 2: Learn Bash Scripting

In this Track of the Nmap Basic Skillsoft Aspire Journey, the focus will be on the command line, a quick, powerful, text-based interface deverlopers use to more effectively and efficiently communicate with computers to accomplish a wider set of tasks. The command line is the building block to using Nmap efficiently.

  • 1 Course | 56m 52s
  • 3 Labs | 3h

Track 3: Scan Systems with Nmap

In this Track of the Nmap Basic Skillsoft Aspire Journey, the focus will be on using Nmap to scan systems. We will use our knowledge of the command line and scripting to use Nmap effectively and efficiently to perform network discovery and security auditing.

  • 6 Courses | 7h 9m 13s
  • 2 Labs | 2h


Security Programming: Command Line Essentials
This 14-video course explores how to navigate a Linux command-line environment by showing learners how to use its most common tools, including text editing and processing, file monitoring and comparison, and package management. You will examine the common properties of the command line environment, including the bash shell, its properties, and the features of the PowerShell environment. This course next demonstrates how to perform text editing using commands such as nano; how to use the Linux EI library, Linux ED text editor; and text processing using commands such as sed awk, and cut. You will learn how to perform repeat actions, and the bash shell history, and perform process control tasks such as PS and kill. Then learn how to use the command line to schedule jobs, perform file and command monitoring, and perform file comparison using the diff command. Finally, this course demonstrates how to redirect the inputs and outputs of commands and files, and perform package management tasks by using the apt command.
14 videos | 56m has Assessment available Badge


CompTIA Linux+: Introduction to Linux & the Command Line
Discover Linux, its origins, distributions, and command line interface for managing a Linux system, as you prepare for the XK0-004: CompTIA Linux+ certification exam.
4 videos | 1h 25m has Assessment available Badge
Exploring SecOps Tools: Network Scanning Using Nmap
The Network Mapper (Nmap) utility is a free, open-source network discovery and security auditing tool. Nmap is one of the industry's leading network scanning tools and is commonly used to discover hosts and services on a computer network. In this course, you'll explore the history of Nmap, its features and benefits, and the potential limitations and considerations of the Nmap tool. Discover how to download, install, and explore the Nmap utility user interface and how to perform Nmap TCP connect and Nmap stealth scans. Lastly, explore when to use Nmap to perform inverse scans, and discover situations that warrant using Nmap to perform an ACK scan.
10 videos | 57m has Assessment available Badge
Ethical Hacker: Host Discovery & Scanning with Nmap
Explore tools and techniques to discover hosts and determine if a host has open ports, services, or vulnerabilities, as you prepare for the 312-50: Certified Ethical Hacker v10 exam. During this course, you will learn how to create a BASH shell to search for valid network devices. Identify utilities that discover network devices. Analyze Nmap functionality, classify Nmap scanning features, and identify commands based on the type of scan performed. Then move on to executing commands to search for open ports, runing UDP commands to scan on all ports, selecting the command that determines the device operating system, and identifying a port's service and version.
3 videos | 1h 31m has Assessment available Badge


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