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Being an authentic, trustworthy, and accountable leader helps to build a strong, positive relationship with your team members. When you're genuine, honest, and take responsibility for your actions, it instills a sense of trust and respect among your team. Plus, it sets a great example for them to follow and creates a work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.

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Becoming Authentic, Accountable, and Trustworthy
In today's rapidly changing world, it's more important than ever to build and maintain strong relationships, both personally and professionally. To do this, we need to be authentic, accountable, and trustworthy. However, these qualities are not always innate, but rather developed through conscious efforts and consistent practice. In this course, you'll learn how to conduct a self-evaluation on key leadership traits, prioritize authenticity and choose effective strategies to demonstrate it in leadership, identify strategies to lead with accountability and trust, and explore ways to overcome ineffective leadership traits.
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Developing Personal Accountability
If your manager's approval isn't quite enough to motivate you to put in that extra effort you need to get ahead, then maybe you're ready to work on your personal accountability. Everyone must answer to an inner manager - an internal voice that tells you whether the job is done as well as you can do it. Choosing personal accountability means earning the approval of that inner manager. In this course, you'll learn the behaviors of accountable professionals, including stating commitments clearly and following through. You'll also learn how some very common behaviors, like making excuses and blaming others, work against accountability. The elements of an action plan for developing personal accountability are provided. Finally, you'll learn how the members of a team can improve their accountability together.
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Taking Responsibility for Your Accountability
Accountability is a mindset - a way of thinking about how to take responsibility for your life and ownership of your decisions. Accountability tends to drive success; it is action-oriented and geared toward constant improvement. In this course, you will learn how to develop a framework for personal accountability. From the foundations of a framework to daily practices and sustained momentum, this course will help you take ownership of your goals and live your values.
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Earning and Offering Trust at Work
"Who can I trust around here?" This is a more common workplace question than most of us might like to admit. Building relationships and trust within professional networks is done like a mason building a wall - one stone at a time. Trust is a core ingredient in positive relationships. Without it, the mason's wall takes on a whole new analogy - a barrier, with no gate for entry. In this course, you'll explore trust - what makes you and others trustworthy, how to demonstrate trustworthiness through your own professional accountability, and how to fix a trust deficit after trust has been broken.
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Building Trust with Business Ethics
It's not always easy to decide between right and wrong at work. Making ethical decisions can help you to discern the right thing to do in difficult situations. You might think that business ethics are only an issue for upper management, but in fact, every employee should understand the importance of ethical decision making. In this course, you'll learn some common myths about business ethics. You'll learn about different approaches to ethics, the values and standards in a typical code of conduct, and how to develop your own code. You will also learn ways to overcome obstacles to ethical behavior and steps for making ethical decisions.
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True North Fieldbook, Emerging Leader Edition: The Emerging Leader's Guide to Leading Authentically in Today's Workplace
An unmatched exercise in leadership and self-discovery, written by a best-selling author and the preeminent thought leader on authentic leadership today
book Duration 3h 12m book Authors By Bill George, Josh Hall, Lauren Schwenk, Nick Craig, Scott Snook


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