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Leading for Results

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Leading for results sets the direction and pace for the whole team. By setting clear goals and driving your team towards them, you ensure that everyone is working towards a common objective. Plus, it instills a sense of purpose and motivation among team members, and seeing tangible results can boost morale and job satisfaction.

Build Your Baseline

Gain a solid baseline of knowledge on this topic.

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Practice what you’ve learned and apply it in real-world scenarios.

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Leading for Results
By taking this course, supervisors and managers will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to drive results and develop a culture that produces tangible outcomes. If you are seeking to enhance your leadership abilities and make a significant impact within your organization, this course is critical for your development. Equipping yourself with the necessary tools and knowledge can help you create a work environment that prioritizes results, empowers employees, preserves working relationships, and achieves organizational goals. In this course, you will learn the foundational aspects required to drive outcomes, beginning with recognizing key elements that foster a results-oriented culture. Then, you'll learn to identify effective leadership strategies and ways of communicating intentionally for better results. Next, you'll learn best practices for cultivating a results-oriented culture and last, learn about how to convert ideas into actionable steps. All this will help you build your understanding of the topic and develop practical skills to implement in your leadership role.
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Business Execution: How Things Get Done
Business execution is the "how" of getting things done. As a leader, you can use business execution to drive performance and strategies in the right direction, to solve problems, and to inspire others. In this course, you'll learn about the characteristics that define effective business execution culture. You'll also become familiar with the three elements needed to execute a business plan: practice, planning, and people. Finally, you'll learn actionable strategies for fostering a business execution culture.
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10 HR Practices That Drive Results Leadercamp: Session Replay
This is a recorded replay of the 10 HR Practices That Drive Results Leadercamp Live session that ran on October 1st at 11 AM ET led by Josh Bersin, an analyst, author, educator, and thought leader focusing on the global talent market and the challenges and trends impacting business workforces around the world. As part of this presentation, Josh will share the four levels of pandemic response revealed in the research and give attendees recommendations about how their organizations can further improve, transform, and become more resilient in order to navigate for uncertainties ahead.
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The Leadership Challenge Workbook: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations, Fourth Edition
In the thoroughly revised and updated Fourth Edition of The Leadership Challenge Workbook, renowned leadership educators James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner deliver their latest update to one of the world's bestselling works on leading others in organizational settings.
book Duration 1h 23m book Authors By Barry Z. Posner, James M. Kouzes



Accountable Leaders: Inspire a Culture where Everyone Steps Up, Takes Ownership, and Delivers Results
In Accountable Leaders, Vice Molinaro explores ways to become a more effective leader, team, or organization. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
book Duration 10m book Authors By Vince Molinaro


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